Unreal Tournament 2003 demo tweak guide

More Graphics Settings

World Detail. This setting determines the complexity of terrain & certain other effects in the game, with options available being Normal, High & Highest. Setting this to a higher option will use increasingly more detailed landscape & effects. The images beneath illustrate the effect this has.



Higher setting require increasingly higher amount of polygons to be rendered as you can see. Using a Lower option will require less meshes to be rendered, which will give less detailed landscape/effects, though this can improve performance – especially if your Graphics card can't handle rendering a high amount of polygons, perhaps most noticeable during larger fights or where you have a greater viewing distance.

Physics Detail. This option controls the LOD to be used by the Karma physics engine. Being CPU driven this should be determined by the CPU which you have. A decent rule of thumb would probably be under 1Ghz use Low, 1-1.5Ghz use Normal & 1.5Ghz + try High.

Character Shadows. Possibly a bug, though this option seems to have no effect in the current demo – see the Projectors setting.

Dynamic Lighting. Tick this option to enable the casting of light from non-static (i.e. dynamic) sources, e.g. laser fire from weapons, explosions, etc. This adds a great deal to lighting in levels & can also make targeting enemies easier, particularly in darker levels or where they are concealed/far away. If you are on a slow CPU (1Ghz or less) you should consider disabling (Unticking) this to for improved frame rate though.

Detail Textures. A detail texture is a very small, fine pattern which is faded in as you approach a surface, for example wood grain, or imperfections in stone. Ticking this option will improve visual quality by enabling the use of detail textures, although it will cause a performance hit, particularly on older Graphics cards. Untick this setting to disable the use of detail textures for improved performance, although with reduced visual quality as a result.

Projectors. Seemingly this option is actually controls Character Shadows. When Ticked shadows are cast from player models onto the surface beneath them. This can add to the immersiveness of the game though if you’re currently having frame rate issues leave this Unticked for optimal frame rate. Beneath is an example of this setting enabled.

Decals. Tick this option to enable the rendering of decals in the game, e.g. scorch marks from explosions & such. This can add some extra detail to fights, though for those with slower CPUs you’d gain more by disabling these (Unticked) or should you have a very old Graphics card.

Coronas. This options sets whether or not light coronas from light sources, such as lamps, are displayed. On Graphics cards with low fill rates it would be recommended to Untick this option to disable them as they are transparent which costs fill rate. Those with GeForce 2 or newer Graphics card should be able to Tick this with little effect on frame rate.

Decal Stay. This option determines how long decals remain visible before fading out. Should you already have decals enabled there should be little reason to set this to anything other than High, though it may aid performance slightly in large scale battles where a lot of decals may need to be rendered if you use a lower setting.

The images beneath illustrate the effects of using high & low quality options, whereas High = All options set to On/Maximum available setting. Low = High settings except Texture Detail of Lower, Character Detail of Lower, Character Shadows off & Projectors off.



Screen Flashes. When Ticked this allows your screen to momentarily flash in a different colour when hit by weapon fire. This is fairly useful should you not hear the others weapon firing, though if you want to ensure optimal frame rate Untick this option.

Weapon Bob. Set this to your own preference.

Reduce Gore. Ticking this option will lower the amount of damage that is displayed upon hitting characters, while this might be of some use to parents it would also be worth enabling should you have a very slow system or old Graphics card so as to maintain a decent frame rate in fights. Those not bothered by gore or who have good frame rates should leave this Unticked.

Dodging. Set this to your own preference.

Auto Aim. Set this to your own preference.

Hide HUD. Tick this option should you wish to disable the display of the HUD (Heads Up Display). Obviously this will severely limit the amount of information displayed on the screen, though can improve visibility a small bit & certainly can aid frame rate somewhat. Untick this to enable the HUD to be rendered as normal.

Crosshair. Set this to your own preference.


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