Windows 2000 - Improving Compatibility/Performance guide

Windows 2000 is the future of all Microsoft Operating Systems (Well, NT, but anyway). Windows 2000, while admittedly great does have a few problems with it, compatibility issues happen to be one of them for many people, as does poor WDM drivers (Although there's not much which can be done about them in this guide). This guide however will give you tips on how to improve Application/Game Compatibility & Performance in Windows 2000. Read on.


This first section of the guide deals with fixing compatibility issues with any applications you have installed on your Windows 2000 Operating System or are trying to run on it.


Much of the issues with Windows 2000 are down to poor drivers or require update for Applications/Windows 2000 itself. The most important updates as a result being Service Pack 2 & Hardware/Chipset Drivers along with any available Application/Game patches. You can find the relevant links for Windows 2000 Updates on our OS Updates page (Links for Windows 2000 updates along with other recommended downloads & Chipset updates), while you can find links for Hardware devices on our Drivers page.

Microsoft also regularly release Compatibility Updates for Windows 2000 that have fixed numerous compatibility issues with Applications/Games (Over 170 currently). You can download the latest Compatibility Update from Microsoft.

To find any other remaining updates you should scan your system at Catch-up.

Application Compatibility Tools

Windows 2000 comes with a utility that can trick many applications into believe they are running on an Operating System other than Windows 2000. Although not perfect, this utility can help you to install/run many applications under Windows 2000. Take the following steps to use the Windows 2000 Application Compatibility utility.


  1. Insert your Windows 2000 CD. Open the Support folder on the CD.

  2. Double click the APCOMPAT.EXE file. This will load the Application Compatibility utility.

  1. In the Start the following program tab enter the location of the setup/executable file you wish to run, e.g. C:\Sin\Sin.exe.

  2. Select the Operating System you need to use, e.g. Windows 98.

  3. Click Ok to attempt to run the program.

Should this fail try Ticking one of the 4 boxes at the bottom of the screen & try again. You may want to try different combinations of Operating Systems in conjunction with this.

With Service Pack 2 installed Microsoft have added a more convenient to use application compatibility mode. Although this isn't enabled by default. To enable the use of this feature click on Start then Run. Type in the following command - regsvr32 %systemroot%\apppatch\slayerui.dll & hit Enter. Click Ok when prompted that this succeeded.

To use this feature you must have a Shortcut to launch the particular Application/Game (Obviously you shouldn't use this feature unless you have problems with the Application/Game). Right click on this shortcut & select Properties. Select the Compatibility tab.

Tick the Run in compatibility mode setting & select an Operating System from the drop-down menu (Preferably your choice will be of whatever the programs native Operating System is, e.g. if you are trying to use an NT4 program then select the Windows NT4 SP5 Compatibility Layer option first). Select Ok after you have made your selection.

Should you need to disable this feature then simply Untick Run in compatibility mode & hit Ok, or if you wish to uninstall this feature altogether (It can still be added again later using the command mentioned earlier) then click on Start, Run, type in regsvr32 /u %systemroot%\apppatch\slayerui.dll & hit Enter.


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