With the growing number of DVDs supporting Dolby Surround EX and DTS-ES decoding and with newer soundcards featuring 7.1 Output, itís just a matter of time before the market gets inundated by 7.1 Speaker system packages.

Videologicís ZXR-750s are touted as the ďWorldís First Integrated 7.1 Speaker SystemĒ, which as far as I know they were until recently that Creative released a newer Inspire system to couple with their 7.1 soundcards, however, whatís even more attractive about the ZXR-750 is that itís not meant to break the bank but is offered at a very affordable price. Featuring ConnX.1 and SurFE, the ZXRís can also up-mix 5.1/6.1 input to 7.1 channels.


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