Half Life 2 has to be soon, surely?

By Derek Sooman on September 20, 2004, 7:51 AM
There's been a fair deal of speculation recently that Half Life 2 will have its release date announced soon. I happened to catch a little of some games TV show today on cable and I am sure it mentioned November 17th as a likely day. There was some in game video footage and I must say I was extremely impressed. The show stressed the AI factor, with enemies intelligently co-operating with each other and even trying different tactics when things weren't going their way. Microsoft's Halo2 could be with us at the same time. However, please remember that, as far as HL2 goes, we've heard this before.

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Nic said:
Apparently, the Half Life 2 release candidate has gone to Vivendi, so a release date should be announced soon (if no problems are found with the code).[URL=http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=18543]Half Life 2 release candidate goes to Vivendi[/URL]
werty316 said:
I heard it was sometime in November. I was like yeah right maybe november 2005. :p
shnig said:
Well the AI being heavily marketed makes sence as thats what made the first game good.
Nic said:
[URL=http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=18598]Valve battles it out with Vivendi - The Inquirer[/URL] [quote]Half-a-life-a-lawsuit? By Wil Harris: Tuesday 21 September 2004, 09:57 IN A SPOT of investigative journalism, the chaps over at Gamespot have uncovered a doozy of a story regarding the on-going Half-Life 2 shenanigans. Yes, yes, we know that we've spoken a lot about HL2 lately. The game is, however, slightly less anticipated than the coming of Christ, and is big news for Canadian graphics companies. It seems that Valve and Vivendi are still in the midst of legal wranglings over copyright infringements relating to Valve software. Valve sued Vivendi in 2002 for copyright infringement for distributing Valve software to cyber-cafes without its permission. Vivendi responded by counter-suing, saying that Valve's Steam system infringes the license it has to distribute Valve games. As of right now, Vivendi's position is that Steam is an illegitimate way for Valve to get its software out, and Vivendi does appear to be attempting to get an injunction to prevent Valve releasing the software over the distribution system. The publisher even goes so far as to claim, in its legal documents, that Gabe Newell deliberately concealed the capabilities of the Steam system from it and misled it over Valve's distribution intentions. Marketing Supremo Doug Lombardi at Valve is quoted as replying a simple "Yes" to Gamespot's question as to whether Steam distribution would go ahead regardless - despite the October 8 hearing (the next stage in the process for m'learned fiends) occurring before any likely release date. The chances are that HL2 is simply too lucrative for Valve to step back from Steam, especially given all the fuss it has made over it and their preloading system. It is definitely too lucrative for Vivendi to give up the exclusive distribution rights easily - especially when Steam has become so prevalent amongst hardened Half-Life players and is likely to dent its bottom line. For those of a Judge Judy disposition, you can read the full report, with documental extracts and court timetables included, over at GameSpot. [/quote]
olefarte said:
The way things are going, I'll believe this is out when I have it in my hand. Thhere seems to be one thing after another.
Strakian said:
I forgot about HalfLife 2... By the time it comes out I'll have my copy of World of Warcraft and HL2 will just have to wait til it's $30.Besides, Farcry AI is quite impressive, and the "Physics" thing is soooo 2003, They really missed the window.I'm more interested in the mods then the game I think, we'll just have to see...World of Warcraft comes out 11/16/04 btw...
MrGaribaldi said:
Wow, has TheInq finally managed to find some real news?Will be interesting to see how this plays out, as I don't really want to use steam to get HL2. A very interesting read from [url=http://www.gamespot.com/news/2004/09/20/news_6107712.ht
l]gamespot[/url]!It also puts an interesting spin on the delay of HL2 last year!Valve wants to use Steam to distribute HL2. Steam not ready, delay HL2.?
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