What will happen in AMD versus Intel case?

By Derek Sooman on June 30, 2005, 8:04 PM
Where will the recent news that AMD is suing Intel go? Already, the case has expanded into Japan, and surely we are only hearing about the tip of the iceberg of where this might go. Gartner analyst Martin Reynolds thinks AMD's case very much deserves to be heard.

"AMD's complaint reads a little like the Sopranos versus Mother Theresa," said Reynolds. "There are guns-to-heads and other language in it that might be overselling the point, but nonetheless there are plenty of incidents in there that do perhaps deserve the attention of the court."
Some allegations read like out of a modern day version of Dallas, just substitute processors for oil, with tales emerging of CEO Craig Barrett flying to Taiwan to threaten the Chairman of Acer and other stories.

Reynolds did make the point that the whole thing should have no effect on Apple, who recently announced their move to Intel processors. But it did leave some unanswered questions about the Apple switchover.

"However, it does raise the question of why Apple selected Intel over AMD," he told eWeek. "There was no existing business, so there can be no possibility of coercion based on rebates. It isnít too presumptuous to assume that Apple made the decision based on the facts that AMD and Intel offered."

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nimo333 said:
I'm guessing that AMD are going to win this case. I hate Intel and I wish their company dies but that's still not good enough for me. We need another company for making microprocessors. AMD prices' levels are increasing with time. So, we need a new company that would make cheaper processors and as good as AMD.
intheknowonthis said:
Individual pc manufacturing companies cannot do anything about intel; none have enough individaul power. This is the One opportunity to effect a change in the industry if all get subpoenaed and have to speak up. If the pc companies and channel resellers don't stand up this time they'll be doomed to another decade or so of slavery to intel. Big massah boss intel takes all the profit from the pc business and gives a pittance back to the others in the value chain - just barely enough to pay the bills, and often not even that.
intheknowonthis said:
Oh, also... you don't think this is bad for consumers? With Del Mart's price war and intel's profit sponge at work, no company can afford to innovate. The pc companies are only in a survival mode, hoping not to get sold off to the chinese like happend to ibm. innovation has been ground to a halt except for hyperthread, centrino, dual core, double L2 cache, etc. Oh and by the way these are intel innovation and not the best in class for what they do. Del Mart doesn't want to innovate, just play the cost game and delmart is big daddy intels best friend. The two worst things to happen in the x86 industry. had it not been for the strategy of these two companies we'd be about 5 years ahead in pc technology.
Mictlantecuhtli said:
I don't think anything will change from customer's point of view.They'll just settle this for some amount of money, and that helps only the corporations.
Phantasm66 said:
Not necessarily, its possible that Intel will be forced to open their technology up in a certain way, or to release their products in a certain format, as Microsoft has been so ordered.
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