Blu-ray hi-def lineups unveiled

By Derek Sooman on January 4, 2006, 7:07 PM
The coming of Blu-Ray inches forward once more, this time due to the announcement by four studios of titles ready to be launched for the next generation format.

Sony will be taking care of "Hitch," "The Fifth Element," "Legends of the Fall" and "House of Flying Daggers” and many others. Fox, meanwhile, will be providing "Fantastic Four," "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen," "Behind Enemy Lines," "Kiss of the Dragon" and "Ice Age" and other titles. Lionsgate will provide "Lord of War," "The Punisher," "The Devil's Rejects" and "Saw", and Paramount will launch "Four Brothers," "Sahara," "Aeon Flux" and "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" and much more.

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exscind said:
Oh wow I did not think Blu-Ray would come so soon. I remember a while back when companies were crying foul about Sony "monopolizing" the up and coming Blu-Ray market, leaving everyone else dry. But 25GB single layer and 50GB dual layer should make anyone drool... at least I am.
raystorm said:
Any news on how much these Blu-ray movies will cost?
2old said:
I am more interested in the competition between the two formats Blu-ray and HD-DVD. Are we likely to see another Beta vs VHS (ask your parents if this means nothing to you) with consumers being the losers?Although with Sony, Fox and Lionsgate in the Blu-Ray camp with Paramount in both we may see a Blu Ray win before the fight even begins....
PUTALE said:
mmh, Blue ray is out. I wonder when will we be forced to buy a new movie playing machine. It seems like some of us just got into the DVD world. Even more, do we have to buy new collections in blue ray discs:)>
nathanskywalker said:
AWWW! that is going to be so cool, You know, i have a suggestion. Most likely they are going to need to come up with a new method of selling movies if this works out,so... Mabye somehow, corporations, should allow you to choose however movies you want, whichever ones you want, and have them placed on the disk! I mean, otherwise, you would just be buying a bunch of movies you don't even want for allot of money, then again, no like i really know how this is going to work...just a suggestion.
MonkeyMan said:
This is a plus. High definition videos, are always great to watch. The better the quality of the video, the better it attracts your attention. To see a visual, that is extremely high quality, only makes you marvel at its scenery, and makes you want to buy more movies.
Eko said:
So corporations are going to win a lot of money again from us, the Hollywood Studios will also earn a big piece of the cake, I wonder just how DVD Jon will manage to break the encryption which the Blu-Ray will certainly have. Just how much does it cost to have an optical unit that reads Blu-Ray, and how much is one which also writes disk in that format?Will we be able to copy it as easily as we do with the DVDs?For now, these questions remain unanswered... Just for now
cyrax said:
This battle will be like betamax versus vhs, with an unknown party taking over. At that time dvd. China's new format may beat them all.
asphix said:
I am normally a big fan of early adoption of technology. I was one of the first to have my x360. I was right there with DVD players when they were released, and I jumped all over mini-discs when Sony went that route. I also got a PSP first day of release. I love having new toys and playing with them upon release.However, this is one battle I will force myself to steer clear of until a victor is decided. To answer someones question up above, Blu-ray media will cost more than current DVD media (and more than HD-DVD when its released). While blu-ray has the content, HD-DVD it seems has support from other angles. A lot of the big tier PC companies are supporting HD-DVD.I wont waste my money on either, or. I wasnt old enough to be effected by the betamax vs. VHS indicent, but the thought of spending 300-500 bucks to have it become completely obsolete and unusable in under a few years is enough to make me keep my need to tinker with new toys at bay.[Edited by asphix on 2006-01-05 07:22:50]
otmakus said:
Will any of us really buy a blu-ray player just to rewatch those old movies? Until the new movies are made in blu-ray format, nobody's going to buy those players.
mentaljedi said:
They should have got better movies like the matrix, lord of the rings, war of the worlds (2005) and revenge of the sith. You know, the big graphic eating ones. Then i'd be really interested.
DragonMaster said:
Better wait ...-1. The same 'ol movies-2. Googled and : 20 euros per blank discs-3. There's HD-DVD-4. Maxell's coming with 300GB holographic discsAnd you know the Blu-Ray PC drive by Pioneer that was announced? It's actually a Blu-Ray burner.I just looked on and there are more recorders than players currently on the market...Also what's funny is that almost every company's players are model # BDP-1000 for the players and BDR-1000 for the recorders.[Edited by DragonMaster on 2006-01-07 07:55:46]
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