New look WordPerfect released

By Derek Sooman on January 19, 2006, 4:22 PM
Fancy an alternative to Microsoft Office? Well, you could try Corelís WordPerfect X3, its major attack on the Microsoft flagship suite. The new WordPerfect Office X3 boasts better interoperability with PDF files (it can convert PDF documents into WordPerfect), and has a new e-mail client which now allows users to save their documents without metadata. It does not, however, support the new OpenDocument standard.

WordPerfect Office Professional edition (with the word processor, Paradox database, Quattro Pro spreadsheet, presentation software, and e-mail) will set you back $179.

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nathanskywalker said:
Hmmm... never used it....Word vs. Word pun intended.....[url]
php[/url]So, word perfect makes changes on a more conveinet scale? Sounds to me like....well kind of confused, but it sounds like stream-oriented would have a few con's in itself, but then again, microsoft word does have so very aggrevating annoyances that Wordperect sounds like it would remedy. Might consider tbat, if it goes down in price...
MonkeyMan said:
Interesting, now the only question is, what is Microsoft going to say? Well, I'm sure they aren't really concerned about wordperfect X3, because I'm sure they have a superior word program that may be released with Windows Vista. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how everything draws out.
gudel said:
who used wordperfect these days?
gamingmage said:
Wordperfect is about the worst document program I have ever and probably ever will use.
exscind said:
When I saw the title I thought it was another free alternative to Microsoft Word, like Openoffice or something. I personally have never used WordPerfect, nor know anyone that does. But if WordPerfect wants to compete in the already competitive market, the company has to do better than a price tag of $179. Especially with Openoffice, the primary alternative to MS Word, being free of charge, I don't see WordPerfect denting the playing field anytime soon.
nathanskywalker said:
[b]Originally posted by gamingmage:[/b][quote]Wordperfect is about the worst document program I have ever and probably ever will use.[/quote]Why?
k1n9k00p4 said:
Alternative to word???......hmmm oh yeah OPEN OFFICE...
mentaljedi said:
Please. If you want an alternative to Microsoft, go with Open-sorce!
Vaulden said:
I don't see Word Perfect becoming much of a threat to MS Word. The office suites are geared towards business and very few business will be willing to try new products. Especially if the differences in menus and terminology require training (I have not seen Word Perfect in years but at the time going back and forth between the two could be a pain).
Kreuger said:
I don't like any of these. Although I'll take OO or even Word over Wordperfect. Abisuite works very nicely for me.
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