Red Hat hopes for Linux on new Apple computers

By Justin Mann on January 23, 2006, 2:16 PM
The release of Intel's CPUs for the new Macs has not got unnoticed by any vendors. Linux is known for the variety of systems it runs on, including many Macs, and Red Hat is hoping to have support for Linux on the new Intel-based Apple machines as well.

”Red Hat spokeswoman Gillian Farquhar confirmed last week that the company hopes to help its developers figure out how to get Linux working on the new Macs. "That's definitely happening," Farquhar said of the effort, though it hasn't gone far because the Linux seller doesn't yet have any of Apple's new machines.”
The EFI-instead-of-BIOS situation brings some questions about the viability of running non-Apple operating systems on the new machines, but it has been demonstrated that the possibility is there. Linux on an Intel-based Apple computer. Interesting stuff.

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nathanskywalker said:
i think it is safe to say that linux is expanding *duh. lol a new product comes out and everyone scrambles to make their software applicable to a new setup, just seems kind of funny to me...realistic of course...mabye i need more sleep...
DragonMaster said:
Well, they can run Linux on TVs so I don't think it NEEDS a BIOS to work.
Race said:
It certainly would be a nice feather in Red Hat's cap, being a public company and all. They've already got their foot in the door since the free version of Linux already runs on Apple's older PowerPC processors.
PUTALE said:
mmh, I thought the Mac OS is alreay running on Linux. I am not sure if apple would want to change to Red Hat while it's got a good Linux based Mac OS.
sngx1275 said:
[b]Originally posted by PUTALE:[/b][quote]mmh, I thought the Mac OS is alreay running on Linux. I am not sure if apple would want to change to Red Hat while it's got a good Linux based Mac OS.[/quote]Its running on a BSD and Linux hybrid as far as I know. But RedHat isn't trying to make an OSX clone, its just wanting to release its own OS that will run on the new Macintosh computers that have Intel processors.
mentaljedi said:
Well it doesn't apply much to me so i don't care much but as usual, Linux is getting more attention and rightfully so!
Vaulden said:
This would be a great step for the Linux community. The more avenues available for Linux, the more potential user base will grow.
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