Intel to use DDR3 as early as 2007

By Justin Mann on January 27, 2006, 2:07 PM
As predicted by many last year, Intel is set to begin a transition to DDR3 memory in as early as a year, phasing out the already short-lived DDR2 standard. DDR3 will sit alongside DDR2 for a while, as DDR2 and DDR currently do, and is planned to reach speeds as high as 1.33GHz in three years, more than triple the average DDR2 speed currently. Many manufacturers such as Infineon, Elpida and the memory giant Samsung have already been producing DDR3, and have been refining it for some time, submitting specifications for other companies. There are also rumors of AMD making a switch to DDR3 sometime in the near future, making DDR2 the perhaps shortest-lived member of the DDR family.

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DragonMaster said:
Wow! But I don't think it will really change something for normal applications, for which a RAM drive would help a lot more.
Cartz said:
Memory Bandwidth++!!This will be a boon to any gamers out there, as dual and quad core chips start to draw more bandwidth, the memory was looking like it might not be able to keep up. This is definately a step in the right direction, but who knows if it will be enough. With 45nm processes in place and Quad and Octa core processors on the slate before the decade is out, who knows what kind of bandwidth will be needed.Interesting times for computer enthusiasts to say the least....
Kaleid said:
Great, I shall try to skip the DDR2 generation alltogether.
jmag034 said:
They need an integrated memory controller for it to be worth it.
cyrax said:
not nessarily. If the controller is on the board rather than on the chip, there will less need to change the chip if newer memory types come out. by attaching the controller to the chip, it will force it to only recognise that generation of memory. This is why amd chip owners change their chips so regularly.
nathanskywalker said:
[quote]DDR3 will be supported by Intel sometime in the second half of 2007 and will coexist with DDR2 for more than a year, TG Daily web-site reported, a plan which have always been present. The next-generation memory will be introduced at 800MHz speed-bin, but will reportedly “most likely” reach 1333MHz by 2009, when the transition to the new memory type is completed for Intel Corp.[/quote] Seems like DD2 just came out yesterday....Faster, faster i tell you!. That should make for some very nice overclocking. And, of course the motherboards chipset matters, but i'd really like to see a couple gigs of DDR3 overclocking on a opteron!!![quote] Great, I shall try to skip the DDR2 generation alltogether.[/quote]Yeah, same here. DDR2 is just too expensive, and it's really not that much faster. I'd rather just spend the same amount and have double the amount of just DDR. Mabye i'll step up when DDR3 comes out. That is impressive enough of an upgrade to be worth paying double.
Need_a_dell said:
Sounds awesome! Can't wait to see how games run with DDR3 memory! Hopefully AMD jumps on the DDR3 bandwagon earlier then tey did with DDR2. (Which is actually just around the corner!)
exscind said:
Kind of funny that AMD is switching to DDR2 and Intel announced the switch to DDR3 in the near future :). But memory controller as well as the memory itself aren't the crucial factors in determining the well-being and performance of the computer. AMD is the living proof of that. It seems like Intel's just dumping out new technology information as to keep their users interested in Intel. I'm actually looking forward to AMD's "rumor" to DDR3 more than Intel's!
MonkeyMan said:
Well, I'm just waiting on the price of DDR2 to drop. I thought DDR2 was kind of fast but over 1.33GZ of DDR3!!!! That is nothing short of a monstrosity of speed!!!! I'm going to make the transition, but for now, I think I'm going to wait until DDR2 is lowered, before I think about buying DDR3.
PUTALE said:
wow, intel sure is moving really fast. I think maybe amd should just abandon the whole DDR2 and just jump to DDR3. It seems like amd is just about to embrace DDR2. I wonder how much performance/goodies would ddr3 brings.
otmakus said:
So Intel said it will launch DDR3 in a year, and then we have to wait some months until MB makers actually support it, and then, DDR3 prices will still be skyhigh. For the real enthusiasts who are ready to upgrade to AMD socket AM2 with DDR2, they will be ready to upgrade again when DDR3 is finally launched.
gamingmage said:
Ugh yet another RAM speed change, hopefully these won't be so expensive and have better performance. A.K.A. the problems that plague DDR2.
charp said:
yep, good newsbut i'll wait a bit and willadd 2x 1024 of ddr2@533.Ddr3 wil be there in my next rig.
oh yes, the beautiful world of neverending progress in computer industry! :) I just spend a fortune on new AMD based comp, kindda calculated that I'll be be in peace for at least 2 years, and the next moment I read about quad and octa core processors, blue-ray drives and now DDR3 memmory modules, ah it is wonderfull indeed the progress we are making but with the spped of everything just seems in vain.I have a question though, in graphic cards there is already DDR3 memory, is the point in this late planned transition with AMD and Intel in capacities of it or something else?
mentaljedi said:
DDR3 won't take off in 2007. Not until Vista is released and has can be realised. It also won't take off until the minimum we need is 2GB! Othwerwise, the speed is wasted
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