Russian stock exchange attacked by virus

By Derek Sooman on February 5, 2006, 2:52 AM
On Friday, the Russian Stock Exchange was attacked with trading suspended, due to a virus attack on its computer systems. Moscow's Russian Trading System (RTS) stock exchange was taken down by malware that got in through a test trading system from the internet, which then started generating huge volumes of parasitic traffic, overloading the RTS's support routers.

"While all the world was in a frenzy over the damp squib that was Nyxem, this attack infiltrated the RTS and could have potentially given hackers access to their systems," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos. "A virus which can disrupt a stock exchange can have obvious financial consequences, as well as harm the important credibility of an institution in the public's eye, and this should act as a wake-up call for any business which is not taking the virus threat seriously."

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djleyo said:
Related Stories:Russian spammer murdered?!!!!!!imagine what will happen if they find this guy :o(to bad for russia they have all the trouble they need by their shortage of vodka (its could out there)because a bureaucratic mix-up has brought every vodka distillery in the country to a halt
Need_a_Dell said:
Wow. This is really serious. This could have been way more serious tahn it ended up being, but this virus could have cause millions of dollars worth of damage to Russia's economy. There seems to be a sudden uprising in malicious software these last few weeks. I think everybody, including major corporations, should be kept on their toes until this little trend washes over. The last thing the world needs is bad credit.
MonkeyMan said:
Wow, there are some ugly viruses out there now. I do believe that we may be seeing more vicious viruses being created, than ever before. The virus that attacked the RTS system, is just a scratch on the surface for things to come. The only thing I can say, is to be sure that you always have your firewall on, and that you are prepared for any virus attacks.
Jmag034 said:
You'd think the russians would have some sort of antivirus, or some sort of protection.
nathanskywalker said:
Wow, that is amazing, i love it......everyone phsyches out, and for good reason; then the virus that everyone so feared isn't all that deadly after all. And whether or not the culprits were in league, someone got his golden opportunity, and almost hit it off. That is so cool, of course it is a good thing that it didn't work, but still that is impressive...
Cy6erpuke said:
This is classic. With nyxem as decoy. So let me understand this: Someone could have made a million rubles here, either didn't or has not been caught yet. :>
Cartz said:
LOLSomeone is in serious trouble... When the guy who wrote this worm gets caught, oh man, lets just say I'm glad I'm not him...Seriously, if you write a virus the worst thing in the world for it to do is to attack any financial system... Wiping peoples word documents and pictures is one thing, messing with their finances.... Again, I'm glad I'm not this guy, he's got a long stay at Chez'Gulag in the near future.
AeonXX said:
It’s a good time to be in the computer security field, if you know what I mean. Attacks like this scare the bejeezus out of companies, and they are willing to pay whatever it takes to keep it from happening to them. What I wonder about all this is, why wasn’t the “test trading system” properly secured? That seems like a rather novice mistake.
gamingmage said:
Wow, good thing it didn't crash the system. Shows that security is not always protective. If hackers were able to do this, they might be able to get information on stocks and steal them or just crash the system. This is definitely a scare to take seriously, they most definitely will think of upgrading security in some way.
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