Hitachi develops smallest IC chip

By Derek Sooman on February 6, 2006, 3:21 PM
Hitachi has developed the world`s smallest integrated circuit chip, which measures 0.0059 inch by 0.0059 inch. The wireless IC chip, even with an antenna attached, will still be thinner than copy machine paper. The chip is due to be revealed at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference, now being held in San Francisco. Future applications include bank notes, securities papers and official certificates to prevent forgeries.

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nathanskywalker said:
As cool as that away, i would deem it same as RFID, an invasion of privacy. I just don't like the idea. People really should stop and consider the reprecussions every so often. What happens if a majority (or even a small amount) of these chips are defective in someway? RFID chips are useless underwater, and if surrounded by a very minute amount of aluminum (not that i'm saying go soak your money in water ;). But i'm just pointing out that, THIS IS NOT A GOOD IDEA!!! Sacrifice freedom for security? You deserve neither!!! and that is not an orignial quote btw. If we allow tacing chips, for any purpose, to begin to be placed in and around us, America, eventually we will all regret it.
AeonXX said:
Iím with nathanskywalker on that note, this is kind of disturbing. Itís small, and can be used for good purposes, but you know it will be abused by someone. On a lighter note, it seems like thereís just no limit to how small things can get. It reminds me of how Starbucks calls their small coffee ďtall,Ē yet itís pint-sized. Oh yeah, and whatever happened to nanotech, is it still all the rage?
cookiedude said:
Where will they get their jollies once they reach the size limitations of the atom!!!
DragonMaster said:
It could be good for purposes like paper-sized screens, but RFID is still playing in people's right.
crossfire851 said:
This type of inovation is to good to be true. I wonder....
need_a_dell said:
Wow!A chip thinner than copy paper!?! Sounds like it's pretty delicate. Wouldn't want to get a static shock from that. (Fried.) Advancements like this are going to make the world of techology much better in the future. Take the cell hpne for example. Back in the day, you needed a carrying bag just for your phone. But since technology is always moving forward, we now have phones like the Sony P990 around the corner! Things will continue to become smaller and more srticulate in the future thanks to advancements like these.
PUTALE said:
amazing, how things just keep getting smaller yet it's more and more powerful.
Race said:
I see this as an amazing advancement in integrated circuit chips. The implications could be far-reaching with so many uses for this technology.We'll know a lot more after the ISSCC wraps up in San Francisco.Incidently....AeonXX, I follow a few of these companies closely, and nano-technology is very much alive and well!
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