Wireless iPods soon available?

By Derek Sooman on February 12, 2006, 9:35 AM
A new range of wireless iPods may soon be available, thanks to an alliance between iPod chipmaker PortalPlayer and wireless solutions provider CRS. Instead of wires, new iPods will be able to make use of technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Through a combination of PortalPlayer's PP5022 applications processor family and CSR's UniFi Wi-Fi chip and BlueCore Bluetooth chip, consumer electronics and digital media player makers such as Apple will be able to produce wire-free audio and media players by year's end.
In addition to Bluetooth offering customers the ability to use wireless stereo headset connectivity, the Wi-Fi capabilities will allow iPods to wirelessly synchronising content with iTunes, download podcasts directly from the Internet and stream audio or video content from a PC or the Internet.

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JMMD said:
Wireless headphones is something I've been waiting for in newer MP3 players. I hope they can make them small and not bulky.
PUTALE said:
mmh, sounds like a possibility as I don't know what other features that apple can include in their ipod. It seems like a reasonable thing to be included in ipod.
djleyo said:
sweet im looking foward of seeing those wireless headphones i just dont want to have a pair of bulky wireless headphones Another thing that comes to my mind when i hear wireless ipod is that since i have a 5G ipod its great but the battery life is not that good imagine playing a movie with wifi headphones SAY GOOD BYE TO THE BATTERY !!!the battery playing video lasts about 2or 3hrs tops.And lets hope ipod includes a wireless tool that allows ipod users to share media like video or music that is another great selling point for apple
cyrax said:
thank goodness. wires are such a hassle, especially when you can't find them.
blue_dragon said:
wow that is a battery killer..but also imagine how much $$$ it will be!!someone has to invent wireless power source...they be richer than Gates...
buttus said:
Ahhh the joy of logging in first thing monday morning and catching up on all the IT news and development.As far as this development is concerned....fantastic. It would be great to stream music into the iPod from my PC, or even simply being able to transmit the content (be it music, photos or moveis) from the iPod onto other devices.In short, wireless is much easier.There have been long standing rumours of the iPod containing an internal FM tuner. I haven't put much stock into this mainly because half of Apples "made for Mac" accessory partners would be PO'd with Apple taking money out of their pocket. Bluetooth and 802.11 on the other hand would be fantastic indeed.Now, why is it the entire world is going wireless, yet I still don't have any Win XP 64-bit drivers for my D-link wirelss cards?Conspiracy theory me thinks.
sngx1275 said:
Good. A few weeks ago when we were talking about iPods in here I said the next generation should come with some form of wireless to sync with your computer. The downside of this is you are still going to have to have wires to charge your iPod. Technically you can send power wirelessly, but its not practical for iPods.
barfarf said:
You said djleyo battery life will be goind down hill. I have a Treo 650 cell phone. ITs a palm pilot and cell phone hybirt and when i watch movies and use bluetooth the battey goes down fast. All we need is revolution in battery technology. Like a baby Mr. Fusion.
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