Dell releasing 17" and 19" 8ms UltraSharp LCDs

By Justin Mann on February 14, 2006, 7:30 PM
Dell is planning the release of the UltraSharp 1707FP and 1907FP, a 17” and 19” LCD (respectively) display with tight response times of 8ms for gray to gray. While gray to gray is the fastest timing LCDs are capable of, they are still fairly nifty. Both have native resolutions of 1280x1024, a common resolution in modern games and ample for a desktop, and feature 500:1 contrast ratios so dimness won't be an issue.

The prices in the U.S. will be around $400 and $600 in the U.S., at least initially. Dell is known for their high quality LCDs, and it doesn't look like users of Dell LCDs are going to be disappointed. The prices and sizes are much more in line with other high end consumer LCDs, unlike some of other Dells offerings including their widescreen LCDs which are extremely pricey. A 30” UltraSharp widescreen is in the works.

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exscind said:
8ms response of gray to gray means almost nothing. As pointed out, gray to gray is the fastest timing on LCDs, so it is misleading when companies advertise their LCDs as 8ms (and many models/brands do just that). Color response times is considerably (within perspective) slower than the black/white counterparts. Since there is no specific measuring test on how to test the response time, every company has its own rules of testing (like the rise and/or fall time of pixels, etc.). Regardless, it would be better if Dell released the info on the color response time as opposed to gray to gray. It would be more informative and truer to what the daily user would expect to face.
Cartz said:
If dell released color response times, then their products would look like crap on paper compared to their competition...If the industry adopted a standard which required all manufacturers to report other aspects of their response time, then I'm all for it. But you can't expect Dell to shoot itself in the foot for the sake of being clearer about its products abilities. Those in the know about LCDs, like yourself, know exactly what that number represents, and it is a good gauge of the panels overall performance.I equate it to car companies advertising their vehicles horsepower, even though the majority of people will never actually utilize all that horsepower, as it's only available at (or near) the engines redline. You can't expect dodge to advertise that their truck is only 120hp @ 2200 rpm, while chevy and toyota keep touting 250-300hp @ 5000 rpm, because not everyone understands the numbers as well as we do.
buttus said:
I use a 19' Acer AL1951b LCD Display and would recommend it to anyone. 6ms response, 700:1 contrast, VGA and DVI...and frankly the price was pretty much best in class.[url]
am=CA&LanguageISOCtxParam=en&crc=1462128220[/url]Don't overloook Acer. They make a good solid product, their support channel is proven and they always provide great value.
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