Google complains about Microsoft

By Derek Sooman on May 1, 2006, 2:06 PM
Google has jumped on the Microsoft anti-trust bandwagon, expressing concerns about Microsoft's new browser having a search box in the upper-right corner that is typically set up to ensure that users wind up using Microsoft's MSN search service. Google contends that this is anti-competitive, and puts Microsoft in a position to unfairly grab Web traffic.

"The market favors open choice for search, and companies should compete for users based on the quality of their search services," Marissa Mayer, the vice president for search products at Google, told the Times. "We don't think it's right for Microsoft to just set the default to MSN. We believe users should choose."

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DragonMaster said:
[quote] "We don't think it's right for Microsoft to just set the default to MSN. We believe users should choose."[/quote]The default for Firefox is Google, but you also have easy access to Yahoo and a lot of others. It's not MSN and just MSN!
Julio said:
IE7 beta lets you switch to Google as easily as Firefox does, I don't know where those comments are coming from. Besides Firefox gets heavy funding from Google (I think Opera does get some money as well) for making it the default search engine... but I guess that's beyond the point.
ThomasNews said:
I guess the main argument'll be that IE6 has no such built-in search feature, now it will & most are unlikely to switch when it's already integrated.Awkward considering Firefox & Opera use Google as the default also (Though there are a few additional as well). I don't seem to recall they offered a choice during installation either.
asphix said:
I think there needs to be an anti-trust lawsuit against google for their google toolbar since it has a search field which by default searches the google search engine.*sarcasm*Its microsofts browser. They're not preventing the installation of the google toolbar or anything that would promote a google search. IMO this will fall on deaf ears. Rediculous.
PanicX said:
The issue isn't about a third party browser. It's a safe assumption that if a user is privy enough to install and use a seperate browser, they're also capable of picking their desired search engine. The issue is that the integrated browser of Windows Vista will default to Microsoft's own search engine. This can be construed as anti-competitive in the view that most users don't realize what search engine they're accessing and therefore won't bother changing it. Could you imagine a situation where such a large demographic of potentional customers are avoiding your service simply because they weren't prompted for it, and you do nothing about it? It's perfectly logically for Google to take the steps necessary to ensure that a user is prompted to use their service. The real issue is whether or not they have a right to influence another software makers product. There are several specific reasons that a company would have the right to do so, including anti-trust, tortious interferece, and monopolistic practices. If Google can proove that Microsoft is hindering their business through any of those practices, then they have the right to just compensation.
Julio said:
IMO, there is nothing wrong with promoting your own search engine in your products, especially being in MS' shoes, it's such a logical step to put up a search box in a browser window.Now, I also think that as long as you give the option to customize this to your own preferences, there is nothing wrong with it. They shouldn't be obligated to promote competitors just because Windows is so popular.
DragonMaster said:
It's not right. Maybe they do this because IE, compared to other browsers, is much more popular (Still over 80%).
Arcanum67 said:
Why should Microsoft stop making changes to their browser just because they step on someones feet. It's their product and Google just has to complains and whine.
thrudd said:
The thing is that M$ is selling one product which they have a majority market share with and bundling another another marginal product with it as part and parcel of the first product .... they got nailed for that with their browser / OS intergration before.This is no different.Useing a monopoly in one market to effectivelly take over another and monopolize that one as well .... great for M$ and lousy for everyone else .. including the unknowing sheep .. err .. end users ....Never underestime the powers of either greed or stupidity.
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