Microsoft won't be dropping the price of Xbox 360

By Justin Mann on May 22, 2006, 7:41 PM
On the question of whether or not Microsoft will be dropping the price of the Xbox 360 in the near future as the launch date of the PS3 approaches, the answer is a solid “negative”. Microsoft has made a statement, contrary to earlier rumors about a $100 price drop.

"We have no plans to make any price adjustment. The last couple of days have reinforced the fact that we have a great value proposition, giving consumers choice, thanks to the core system. We’re not forcing the consumer down a route with HD playback. We certainly don’t think it’s necessary to make any changes to the current price point."
How this will impact sales of the Xbox 360 is unknown, but typically people who wait this long after a launch to buy a console are waiting for just that, a price drop. Eventually, it has to come down, and maybe competing sales from the PS3 will change Microsoft's tune.

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djleyo said:
ahwww i was going to wait until teh price drop to get it but :( too bad ohh well its worth the 500dlls im gonna pay for teh system
asphix said:
people will buy it regardless.. MS doesnt need to drop the price to get massive sales.. they've got enough AAA titles coming up that it will push the system regardless.I dont think it would be a smart move to drop the price.. it would net them an early victory but would hurt them in the long run. And this race is all about the long run.Its way too early for a price drop.
Julio said:
Sony has made things easier for Microsoft who are now enjoying a longer timeframe of being the only 'next-generation' console being available. It's not a bad move for Microsoft to keep the higher price, gain on the bigger margins, and still come as a strong opposition to Nintendo and Sony these holidays, since they will have more games to display.
buttus said:
If you ask me dropping the price of the XBox 360 would go a LONG way to solidifying the install base they have. They should strike Sony while they are down and fully take advantage of this unexpected opportunity.Part of the reason I myself haven't gotten an X-Box is the cost. It's not the money. I have NO issue whatsoever spending money. However for me it is a total value thing and although the games are comming, X-Box 360 still (in my opinion) doesn't have a library worth the initial investment.However, Sony will at launch have some fantastic titles which will definately motivate me to invest in their console (not to mention justification of the overall cost by the Blue Ray DVD included). For me the cost is still less then buying a console AND a next gen DVD player.
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