Bigfoot Networks "KillerNIC M1" ships

By Justin Mann on September 8, 2006, 7:41 PM
We heard last month about Bigfoot Networks “KillerNIC” that will supposedly greatly enhance the performance of your network connection. They weren't ready for release then, but they are now, and shipments have begun. Could anyone swallow $280 for a home NIC? While it may be reasonable for some very high-end server cards, the KillerNIC M1 will face some considerable challenges in getting to market. Bigfoot expects it to sell for around $250. Is the super-fast onboard DSP and integrated tools enough to make up for the high price?

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fsck! said:
These guys are nuts. They try to push the built-in 64MB DDR built memory as if that has ever been the bottleneck. How comical! Please, this is a 32bit PCI card. This ancient 32bit bus architecture IS and WILL be the bottleneck, regardless of how much RAM you slap on the card. Besides, what is this going to do for your average 3-8Mbit broadband connection? Give me one one reason why I wouldn't wait for a PCI Express NIC?Unless you are in a Gigabit switched enterprise environment (which by the way, if you were, you would have to be crazy to go with a brand like this as opposed to a more trusted 3Com or Intel card), having a card like this at home is a complete waste of time, not to mention, money.You are better off saving your $250 towards a nicer video card.BTW, I love the "bonus" USB port beside the ethernet jack. Woooh, how radical! LOL Give me a break...
abc said:
this is marketing/business news, not tech. if it's "how to" or "how not to" run a marketing stragity will be determined in time.
fsck! said:
Um, sorry, what? you lost me at "this is..."
zephead said:
ahh, optical NICs for large corporate applications are the way to go, as far as speed is concerned. i agree with the previous posts, this card seems like unnessecary overkill.
9Nails said:
Overkill? Absolutly! I suppose that this card is pure bragging rights. But the geeky side of me would love to see some benchmarks just in case I'm missing out on a good thing.
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