China to push its own EVD format

By on December 8, 2006, 3:37 PM
After a couple of years in oblivion, Chinese manufactures are retaking their effort to push their own DVD format known as EVD. First released in November 2003, the Enhanced Versatile Disc is making a comeback after some licensing problems. This move adds yet another possible competitor in the format war, even more so when you consider that China nowadays has the muscle to push anything they set their mind to.

Zhang Baoquan, general secretary of the EVD Industry Alliance, a group promoting the alternative format, expressed confidence that sales in China's booming consumer electronics market will be strong enough to support producers after they stop making DVD players. Chinese companies produce 80 percent of the world's DVD players under their own brand names and for foreign electronics companies or retailers. But manufacturers complain that fees paid to foreign owners of technology cut into profits in a highly competitive industry.
According to the EVD Industry Alliance, the EVD offers better video quality than DVDs. At $87 per player if it lives up to all they are claiming, it could become a good alternative. Could this be the end of the DVD?

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spydercanopus said:
This is a rip off DVD! Check it out on Wikipedia for yourself. Besides that, it sounds like a contracted groin infection. "Man she gave me EVD!"
peas said:
It's actually a good thing IMO. It's DVD as we know it with less expensive codec licensing fees, PLUS it can support HD quality video using the VP6 codec. If EVD is successful, it could supplant first-gen HD-DVD and BluRay formats. I'm personally sick and tired of greedy Sony and Toshiba fighting for monopoly of an HD video disc format, but failing miserably and splitting the market wastefully.
nimo333 said:
There is DivX DVD players and DivX files has a much higher video compression than mpeg2 and therefore can fit more, and therefore should play HD-DVD quality. So how the hell is EVD can be better?
d310n9 said:
as long as its better and cheaper for the consumer and a legal technology.... , who cares if its a rip off then?(+ there is alot of things u cant imagine to have one day, just keep on believing in dreams of a terrabyte disk or whateva is available at that time ^^)[Edited by d310n9 on 2006-12-11 15:25:02]
Jesse_hz said:
why DivX? Why not AVC?
nimo333 said:
why, can u run AVC on DVD players? I just thought of divx because I'm familiar with it, I have many files on my pc that are in divx format and it compresses very well. If AVC is as good as DivX and u can play on the DVD player then why not.
t-tek said:
its a pice of shit only stupid chinese dumb retards are going to buy a evd they just want to make money off us>
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