Man gets 8 years for destroying bank files

By Justin Mann on December 13, 2006, 7:46 PM
What's the price someone will pay for unleashing a piece of malicious software on a bank that would trash files on every server it could? 8 years in prison for one man, who formerly worked for UBS Paine Webber. Roger Duronio made headlines a few years ago when he unleased a logic bomb after becoming upset with his bonus being smaller than expected, causing considerable damage to the bank's systems. With figures as high as $3.1 Million listed that Duronio will have to recompensate the bank for and an eight year prison sentence, his misguided attempt at getting revenge backfired to the extreme degree. White collar computer crime used to be something people rarely saw more than a few months to a few years for, but as increased awareness and increased vulnerability is made possible, people are depending more and more on systems to be secure.

Interestingly enough, he was 64 years old, only one year away from the typical retirement age in the U.S.

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t-tek said:
******* awsome dude but 8 years dam thats some shit well banks **** all of us over with late fees and shit like that why not **** them over with malicious software on evey server. ha good job buddy
nimo333 said:
I consider him an *****, Revenge doesn't solve anything but simply makes things worse.
velencia said:
I am the daughter of Roger Duronio...the only crime here is that UBS got away with destroying evidence that was claimed to be found on a computer at my fathers home...and the FBI who planted a peice of paper on my fathers bedroom dresser with this code written on it..which did not have my fathers fingerprints on it but some other prints which still have not been father was a fall guy here..UBS still does not know who did this but has used my father to show the public they got there father may die in prison for a crime he did not commit..and the amature that did do this is still out there..Cisco was un the UBS system at the same time that this bomb went off..this evidence was presented at the trial..they were in the system undetected..Evidence was destroyed and documents planted by the FBI..I hope and pray that UBS and the FBI get exsposed for the crime that they commited here and for the lives that have destroyed..
velencia said:
[b]Originally posted by nimo333:[/b][quote]I consider him an *****, Revenge doesn't solve anything but simply makes things worse.[/quote]No he is no *****...he is a man who is made an example of because UBS system is still loose and they set him up and destroyed fathers prints were not even found on the paper that FBI planted in my parents home.. but somebody elses prints were on there that are still father will probably die in prison for a crime he did not commit!!!
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