MySpace sued for failing to protect minors

By Justin Mann on January 18, 2007, 8:15 PM
More big lawsuits in the news, MySpace has earned the ire of angry parents and is being sued for failing to protect minors. The complaints are varied, but all pertain to MySpace allow children to participate in the site and failing to prevent them from being “solicited”. Many fixes have been proposed, though they all seem rather cumbersome to me:

The issue of child safety on Myspace has become such a hot-button issue that the site is implementing ways to protect its underage users. Among them is software that would allow parents to track the name, age and location that teens enter into their profile. It would log the information in a password-protected file on a computer's hard disk for parents to monitor.
MySpace went on statement to talk about how they are a leader in Internet safety, and tried to shift some of the blame onto other people. There's only so much an online entity can do to verify and prevent unauthorized access, eventually the control has to be held at home. After all, while the Internet may not make you anonymous, it sure makes you globally available. With how easy it is to falsify information online, what more could they do?

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canadian said:
Oh boo hoo. The parents should be taking an interest in their child's life, sitting down, and talking to them about this. Not just suing them!
gbe300 said:
This is the main problem with the United states... Instead of parents doing their job as a parent they look for someone else to blame.... then that blame comes down to "how much money can we get from this" aka pain and suffering. I am all for making people get a license in order to have kids. The population (globally I would say) has a much higher concentration of lazy/un-caring/un-educated type of parents. This is why we have so many problems with everything. Stop trying to blame and sue someone else and do your damn job. Raise your kids right, know what they are doing and spend time with them. For the record I am an american, living aboard. I was raised right with two hard working parents. These kinds of lawsuits (and this thinking in general) are a main reason(s) why I will not be returning to the US anytime soon.
nathanskywalker said:
Yes, while myspace may have been the medium for contact between these kids and the "predators", parents cannot blame it all on myspace. Didn't the ever teach their kids not to "talk to strangers"?Seems like everyone is looking for someone else to blame anymore. What ever happened to personal responsibility? and watching over your own children? So they did not, and now they want money. Typical.
black_death said:
[b]Originally posted by canadian:[/b][quote]Oh boo hoo. The parents should be taking an interest in their child's life, sitting down, and talking to them about this. Not just suing them![/quote]Exactly what I was going to say! It's easy to ***** and sue but talking to your children apparently isn't and if your kids don't listen to you maybe it's because youre the type of person who would sue the service they use frequently.People like these often expect unrealsitic solutions to problems that are blown out of porportion.
Jesse_hz said:
Well said gbe300!
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