Dell offers Latitude notebooks without Windows

By Justin Mann on February 28, 2007, 2:55 AM
Update: While Dell's announcement is a welcomed one - not to mention requested for so many years - how actual prices of software-less PCs turn up in the short and long term remain to be seen. With this I mean that you won't necessarily save money because of this. While the OS does usually come at a cost to the manufacturer (and hence the consumer), Dell and many other OEMs get some of that money back from trial bundles and other crappy stuff you get in your HDD when you buy a new PC. In fact we can already see reactions and price comparisons that "don't make sense," but you have your answer already.

As a result of Dell's IdeaStorm, in which they have been soliciting numerous suggestions from their customers, Dell will now allow the purchase of notebooks without Windows. Staring with the Latitude series, they will join various desktop models sold by Dell in their “n-Series”, hardware without coupled software.

This isn't as far as including pre-installed Linux or any other bundled software, but does give customers more freedom in configuring a PC purchased from Dell. The IdeaStorm of course remains up, and it is encouraging to see a company reaching out to their customer base and reacting to their demands, rather than remaining stuck in the dirt.

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nathanskywalker said:
This is great! Although it really only was a matter of time. I'm glad, I really did not want Vista, and will probably buy a notebook from Dell in the next few months to a year from now. Hopefully they put out of few with 17" display; maybe this is too much to hope for, maybe they'll even put Fedora core on them for me ;)
Julio said:
Edit: I decided to move my comment to the post itself as I believe it makes a good informative point.Recently I bought a new Vaio laptop and it took me a couple of hours to remove some 15+ unnecessary trial software titles that come bundled from the manufacturer for "FREE".
Mictlantecuhtli said:
The price remains the same, right, or is it higher?
Julio said:
Higher in some instances it seems... I would like to see not only present but future implications on shipping Windows-less PCs, at least based on the current business model manufacturers have.
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