Interview with Dan Forster of Ageia

By Justin Mann on August 21, 2007, 7:33 PM
There is an interesting interview with Dan Forster, who is the PR and Marketing manager for Ageia. For those who aren't up to date on it, Ageia is the company behind the PhysX cards and extensions, which allow newer games to use a peripheral to calculate physics, rather than relying on the GPU or CPU to do these things.

The interview goes over PhysX and its SDK, the potential advantages it brings, supported titles and where the company, along with the hardware, is heading. They also talk about vendor support, and mention that some large vendors such as Acer and Dell have been giving them more support as time goes on, and potential for the technology to be more versatile and capable of being more embedded:

We've been very successful in increasing our userbase recently and have gained a lot of support from lots of large OEMs such as: Acer, Dell and let's say we are putting a lot of thought into new form factors. So, yes, we will be showing that it's not only possible to use PhysX with an add-in card; you're idea of an onboard chip would be an ideal solution, let's put it that way.
Ageia and their much-debated PhysX cards have been a topic of mixed review for quite a while now. Some praise it, some criticize it, but most don't seem to know at least, the numbers say that, as Ageia is still having a hard time getting PhysX to take off.

However, from their humble beginnings they still have made impressive progress. It would be neat to see companies like them help in expanding gaming, particularly as the limits of what people expect continue to grow year after year.

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---agissi--- said:
Interesting - With Techspot being a "third-party" news vendor [if thats why I dare call it] - I would have thought you'd mention how John Carmack only recently threw out that he doesnt believe in PPU's.Edit;[url]
Julio said:
I think we did mention that story sometime ago:[url]
te-722.html[/url]As much as Mr. Carmack is a respectable voice of the PC gaming community and developers alike, he doesn't have the last word on what is going to happen. That said, I have to agree with him in that the way things are shaping up, modern CPU and GPU technologies should be sufficient to replace whatever the PPU meant to do for gaming and other rendering tasks.
---agissi--- said:
Well said Julio, however I was moreso merely referring to you guys often times referencing previous/recent news entrys with new ones alike.
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