Target refuses to stock Manhunt 2

By on November 7, 2007, 4:14 PM
Despite the ESRB’s decision to stand by the Mature rating awarded to Manhunt 2, big-box retailer Target has decided to pull all copies of the controversial game from its shelves after news emerged that hackers had found a way for gamers to view the filtered content on the PSP version of the game.

“While ‘Manhunt 2’ was given a ‘Mature’ rating by the ESRB, we received additional information that players can potentially view previously filtered content by altering the game code. As a result, we have decided not to carry the game,” said Target in a statement.
Meanwhile, there are probably dozens of movies you could buy at Target that are every bit as gory as Manhunt 2. I don’t own the game and have no plans on buying it, but there seems to be a double standard at play here. It seems that Target is just running away from the controversy.

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Eddie_42 said:
Good job Target!!!
phantasm66 said:
How come we get to watch videos that have all kinds of sex and violence in them, but as soon as its a computer game, the whole world has a fit?You can buy a video called Cannibal Holocaust, where a woman gets raped, gets her head cut off and then set on fire, as I recall. And in Hellraiser, a guy gets pulled apart by hooks and chains. Oh, and a woman snogs a man with no skin.But the minute something remotely dodgy happens in a game, everyone starts to cry.Get real.
papercut_2008 said:
It's all psychological. Everybody watches movies right? Who would want to criminalize something that we all do? Not everybody plays video games, so people want to take the moral high ground and gang up on this relatively new medium.
likalaruku said:
[b]Originally posted by papercut_2008:[/b][quote]Everybody watches movies right? Who would want to criminalize something that we all do?[/quote]Pro'lly for whatever reason it is churches try to criminalize sex. But it's really obnoxious for any gamer to have their hobby scapegoated & worse for the companies that make the games. They should have released it on PC first. Most PC gamers buy their games online & most online stores don't care about ratings or content so long as it brings in revenue. Can't say I've encountered much if any cencoring in PC games either.
Eddie_42 said:
Wow you guys missed the point entirely. Yes, there are violent movies, yes there are violent video games. The point of this article, is that Target decided, as a corporation, they would not sell this particular game. This doesnt mean you cant go to gamestop or walmart and pick it up. It the same as a movie theater saying, "you know, i dont think i want to be associated with this movie" and not putting it on the screen. It has its rating, it is available for sale, Just not at Target.And to address your comments about "criminalizing", this game has a particular rating, Much like movies do. If those movies are as grusome as you say, i would imagine they have a NC-17 rating, which is more strict then R. Just like this game has an AO rating. If the movies get to bad, they get 'no-rating' just like this game did the first time around. Its a very similar system, and if people would follow it, it would work, but we all like to complain about stuff and never do anything about it. Welcome to America
mkarwowski said:
[b]Originally posted by phantasm66:[/b][quote]How come we get to watch videos that have all kinds of sex and violence in them, but as soon as its a computer game, the whole world has a fit?[/quote]I don't think that it is just because it's a new medium and all that. Computer/video games are much more interactive. It requires actual conscious thought - even if it is "acting" - to do something in a game, whereas watching a movie is much more passive. I think that is the real reason for more controversy.Also, I don't think that it's fair to say that the "churches are trying to criminalize sex". Maybe it just so happens to be other people with morals and values who don't like the acceptance of extreme violence.Isn't that just as possible? I'm sorry, but are church-going people now the only people who don't like extreme violence. And is there really something wrong with not liking extreme violence?
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