Intel to skip Windows Vista upgrade

By on June 26, 2008, 4:06 PM
Vista has so far received a less than lukewarm reception by businesses, which is really not that surprising seeing as large companies usually wait until there’s a certain degree of stability, compatibility, and benefits before going through the hassle and expense of adopting a new version of any given operating system. But when 18 months have gone by since its release and then the largest manufacturer of processors comes out and says it isn’t going to deploy Vista, it is apparently a big deal.

According to the New York Times, after a lengthy cost-benefit analysis Intel “just found no compelling case for adopting Vista.” This is relevant for a number of factors, including the scheduled June 30 end date of mainstream Windows XP sales and the fact that Intel – a longtime Microsoft partner – could be seen as a leader for large companies still on the fence about upgrading to Vista. While their rejection (at least for the time being) may be a symbolic blow, it should further affect to the operating system’s ailing reputation.

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Didou said:
I suppose their only Vista machines will be the ones used to develop drivers for their devices.
aolish said:
There isn't really any big benefit to upgrading vista other then having to UPGRADE a lot of machines just to handle vista which obviously is ridiculous. LOL
nirkon said:
Well of course they would, vista has no benefits...
Julio said:
Vista issues aside, customers can probably live with an OS for a couple of years and then switch to something better, like MS is touting Windows 7 to be, just like Vista but a whole lot better (or so they say). In the other hand, a big corporation like Intel will always want an OS that is fully supported for the years to come, it's no surprise then that they will skip on Vista with its remaining 1.5 years lifespan.
IMinfected said:
MS keeps emailing me propaganda with stories about all the benefits of Vista... you can guess how many real benefits they can find. Much of it is excuses for Vista's poor performance. Am I the only one who's suspicious that the much touted Windows 7 is just going to be another fat pig of an OS with no real improvements?
Mikeeve said:
I thought XP was limited to 2 cores, and wouldn't handle tri and quad cores. If XP can handle those then truly no need for Vista.
Per Hansson said:
XP is limited to two physical processorsThere is no limit whatsoever in the number of cores on one single CPU
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