Microsoft promises to fight Vista 'myths'

By on July 8, 2008, 5:38 PM
Microsoft is working hard to help resuscitate Windows Vista’s tarnished image. In recent days, the company released a new tool designed to allow customers to see whether their hardware and software will work properly with the OS, and also launched a program that offers free support to small businesses willing to make the move to Vista.

The software giant is not stopping there, however. Microsoft believes its competitors are gaining ground on the desktop using lies and myths against Windows Vista, and – in a clear nod to Apple and its “I’m a PC, I’m a Mac” ads – is preparing to retaliate with a major new multi-million dollar advertising campaign. While Vista’s new features haven’t exactly taken the world by storm, I do believe it’s an improvement over XP – whether or not it merits forking out the price of a license for an upgrade is another thing. In any case, Microsoft is at long last being more proactive about polishing Vista’s poor image.

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sngx1275 said:
I've been running Vista since a month or 2 after it was released. I think it is a fine OS and haven't had any problems running it. Of course I had a pretty modern system to put it on. One thing that is kind of a kick in the chops is the price, for even the upgrade version, is too high. Luckily mine was had for $10 after I purchased Windows XP MCE just before Vista came out. Another problem is that if you upgrade from your XP it supposedly invalidates your XP key. I don't know if this really happens, but it scared me enough that I decided not to risk it and did the clean install Vista then 'upgrade' that install to my version of Vista.It will be interesting to see if the Microsoft ads which will likely target OS X will provoke a reaction from Apple in their future ads.
black_adder said:
ditto on the above post.Been running Vista a while now, and have had no problems. I've had a few incompatibilities with 64bit vista, but thats not Vista, its the 64bit. Other than that, I think Vista handles well, looks good, and runs fast.I think the major issue people have with Vista is when you put it on a crap machine... Of course it will run slowely, everything runs slowly on a crap machine
BMfan said:
i have tried xp pro,32bit vista and 64 bit vista.Kept 32 bit vista on my machine.The problems i have had,are problems that every os has.Waiting to see what windows 7 will be like.
nirkon said:
It may be more secure than XP... but its still not worth the huge amount of money you need to spend on it.
JudaZ said:
Would like to disagree with nirkon, Vista is not more secure then XP , its as unsure as before. You can still remove passwords from the system, and reset all file right with the same tools you used years ago on XP, gaining full access to everything as lon as you have physial access to the machine, it takes 5 min. But ok I admitt, so far its not had so many viruses/malware yet, but think thats a matter of time. SP1 fixed some issus, still some left.The problem is that I see with a lot of customers we have is, that they are basicly forced to use Vista if their old computer XP crash and the buy a new one, and the new computer is slower or as slow as their old machine, because of Vista. WE install XP , works alot faster, and alot better
Julio said:
Vista issues or non-issues aside, I'm just glad that Microsoft is preparing to counter Apple's very exaggerated ads. OS X may be good, but it's definitely not 'that' good IMO.
BMfan said:
people say vista is over priced but what about an apple pc or laptop-here in RSA the equivalent apple laptop cost about R2000(+-$300) more than a vista laptop.There was a customer here interested in a mac pc for about R18000(+-$2310)(it had a mid range intel core 2 and a ati 2400 pro),we built her a windows machine with a entry level quad and a 9600gt for about R13000(+-$1666).
lordbf1 said:
who cares about vista! all you need to know is xp with sp3!
fullmetalvegan said:
i care about vista =P - cause ehh i didn't like xp much. it wasn't as convenient as vista is with all its added shortcuts and layouts, i love game browser, and it was damn ugly.i love vista since i got it. =]
BMfan said:
same as above just replace love with like
aolish said:
i like how M$ blames others when they should be blaming themselves for the lack of sales. This really pisses me off. There outrageous prices with the activation is still bogus imo. Its bad enough we have to do that with XP. But we have to do that with bloated Vista now? I am not forking over hundreds of $$$ only to have to call them back later and ask for permission to use my computer. WHAT IS THAT!!! that just infuriates me! That is screaming monopoly power! In addition there just aren't that many compelling reasons to upgrade to vista. The only benefits is the prettier interface and the fact you have to upgrade your machine to handle vista....... oh wait... thats a NEGATIVE! And whats the point in getting Vista now when Windows 7 is coming out in 2 yrs!!!!!
comicdom said:
Bloated operating system (that's pretty much par for the course with M$, though), incompatibility issues ever since pre-release. A lot of issues resolved... a lot of issues still unresolved. They'll have another 2-3 service packs per usual to fix more and more issues, and they'll release bug/security fixes on a weekly basis (also, per usual).Nothing much is improved from XP to Vista... in fact, their "improved" security features are merely more annoying. If you don't know how to secure your computer without the help of the operating system annoying you with constant popups/complaints/warnings, then I suppose this is the o/s for you. However, XP is just as secure or more-so, if you know how to use it and if you use the appropriate 3rd party applications (open-source ftw).I use Open Office, Thunderbird, Firefox and several other 3rd party/open-source packages with XP and I never have issues. It's funny how unstable/insecure M$ applications are... especially when they're supposed to work seamlessly w/ their operating system.Anyway, I'll reserve my memory for the games I play, rather than a bloated as crap operating system, thank you very much. =] Oh, and yeah... the price for any Windows o/s is ridiculously high... until it's on the brink of not being supported, that is.
windmill007 said:
I think XP3 rocks. All the systems I installed it on seems zipper than before. I took a xp from sp1 to sp3 and it was like night and day. Good stuff. I also like the new Firefox 3. To bad Vista still blows.
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