Far Cry 2 confirmed to use SecuROM DRM

By on October 16, 2008, 6:06 PM
Ubisoft has confirmed via its official forums that the PC edition of Far Cry 2 will use the dreaded SecuROM DRM technology, albeit a slightly modified and more reasonable version of what was released with Spore and Crysis Warhead.

According to the company, users will get five activations to use on three separate PCs. Unlike previous games incorporating SecuROM, however, Far Cry 2 will come standard with a way to revoke an activation to migrate from computer to computer. In other words, as long as owners properly uninstall the game, they'll be able to install it an unlimited number of times on up to three systems.

This is similar to what EA offered last month, when it promised to deploy a patch “in the near future” to address the three install limit on Spore. Ubisoft also said it is fully committed to the long term support of their games and that “additional activations can be provided” if necessary.

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9Nails said:
Bleh... DRM = no saleNo DRM = saleBefore the game is made available on the shelves, it's all ready released on BitTorrent. (Just searched, it's there.) What good does DRM do when you can download pirate copies of the game that isn't even for sale yet? It's unfortunate that we people who pay from our pockets are always treated as the pirate.
aolish said:
is this game gonna be available on steam? if so why do they have the need to put drm into it... i dont understand!
windmill007 said:
Who cares..Just wait a bit and our friends will remove the DRM and install the NO-CD crack. I feel bad for people who pay for that crap. I for one can not stand to have to put a cd in once you have installed the game.
bun-bun said:
Another highly anticipated game I will not buy thanks to DRM! Sorry EA but you are just shooting yourselves in the foot. I upgrade my PC too frequently and reinstall too frequently to be bothered with this BS (and what about those people who dont have internet on their gaming rigs!?!?!?!)Sad times in the PC gaming industry...
complexxL9 said:
just when I started to earn my own money and can afford to be a legitimate gamer they brought this DRM s**t, well no buy from me..
Badfinger said:
I hear ya, I don't allow big brother BS on my PC, anything that tries to go out to the internet without it being obvious that it needs to, gets the boot.Except for MMOz I do not participate in multiplayer elements of any games, no fun competing against the obessed fanboys that spew hatred on ALL of them, that got old back in '99.
CCT said:
This just makes it easier to say 'NO!'.Either I buy itand it is mine all mine,or they can shove itwhere the sun don't shine!Pretty catchy, dontcha think?:)
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