Last major VHS retailer finally abandons the format

By on December 23, 2008, 11:50 AM
People in the consumer electronics industry have been expecting the end of the VHS era ever since the introduction of the DVD back in the late '90s. But while most of us probably thought the format was already long gone, it wasn’t until recently that the last major supplier of VHS tapes, Distribution Video Audio, shipped its final truckload of the format.

The company prided itself in keeping little tidbits of pop culture alive and supported part of their $20 million a year business by selling mass amounts of VHS tapes on the cheap. And even though watching a movie on modern disc formats (or via digital distribution) is certainly a much richer experience than watching on VHS, one can’t deny the effect this technology had in the video field – I particularly loved the ability to catch up on any missed TV show by recording into a blank tape.

I wonder how long it will be until DVD suffers the same fate and if it will be Blu-ray or digital downloads taking over – they both still have a long road ahead.

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DarkCobra said:
For those of us old enough to remember, you served us well and gave us many happy memories.Goodbye old friend . . .
wendig0 said:
They say that DVD will follow suit in about 4 years, giving way to bluray technology.
gobbybobby said:
it won't fully be made redundent, many small shops still record CCTV on to VHS Tapes. it will be like the Sega Megadrive, everyone still has one, but does not use it much anymore...., My nan still uses her record Player! I did have a VHS recorder in every TV set in my House, but now there is not room, as I have a DVD Player and a Sky (Digital TV Provider) Box in the way. you can pick up devices that convert VHS tapes into DVD disks easily, People still use Tapes and tape Players.
yukka said:
dvds will be around for a good while yet. no need to throw the old collection out unless you have a big telly and buying a good upscaler would work out cheaper than replacing 200 dvds (my collection more or less).
phantasm66 said:
My Grandchildren will probably never believe me.
fullmetalvegan said:
I don't think bluray will replace DVD - the two are still very similiar, no point owning bluray really as the visual difference is too minimal to detect. I think a new format that is revolutionarily different needs to come out before DVD goes the way of the dodo.
BMfan said:
[b]Originally posted by DarkCobra:[/b][quote]For those of us old enough to remember, you served us well and gave us many happy memories.Goodbye old friend . . . [/quote]+1
vexplorer said:
In terms of Space and quality Blue-Ray discs offer a better chance to stand in the digital growing market. l think over the years the cost of acquisition will be lower so they will eventually replace the DVD's and they will suffer the same fate. l personally really dont even know how they worked, flash memories take me back to my childhood when l had to take off the cover of my VHS Recorder to clean the heads with alcohol and l little paper towel....those old days.So long VHS era!!
tengeta said:
Static physical memory is on its way out overall, Blu-Ray isn't catching on and it clearly was winning the war against HD-DVD over a year ago. Flash media may be the final stage in physical media, but its likely headed towards the internet. Blu-Ray in my opinion will see short success like LaserDisc did but collapse in the long run.
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