Skype growing by 380,000 users a day?

By Justin Mann on February 12, 2009, 2:50 PM
If you ever had any doubts about the increasing popularity of VoIP, the most recent information coming out of Skype will dispel them. The company's user base is growing very rapidly, with an estimated 380,000 new users signing up every single day. Those numbers are astounding, almost unreal – I'm skeptical myself as to how accurate that is. If they really are getting more than a third of a million new customers every day, it's unlikely they can carry that momentum for long, but nevertheless it demonstrates that the company is doing very well with them sitting on a user base that is 405 million strong.

There's no detailed usage statistics along with those numbers other than the company’s claims that nearly a third of its registered subscribers now use Skype for business purposes. The increasing number of PDAs and other devices that have Skype clients is helping them, and the service itself is now representing around 8% of the international calls made worldwide.

Skype just recently introduced version 4.0 of their Windows client, which brought with it an interface revamp and improved video quality. The new client has great improvements to usability, which should help them get and retain those mass amounts of customers.

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captain828 said:
405mil ?!? wowThis is what should be instead of classical telephony.
dixonpete said:
Let's hope Skype comes out with an updated Linux client as well.
gusl said:
I'll add to dixonpete's comment- Let's hope Skype comes out witn an updated Mac client as well. My Mac Skype program is ages behind the Windows users I Skype with.
kingmarku said:
I think they should have improved the video and audio quality while keeping the interface of 3.8 which I went back to since the tools give you more control over how and when your video will start in a call as well as taking up less of your display space with giant pop up windows for functions you may not intend to use during a call or other Skype contact. I prefer to keep it all in a slim bar to one side while work on docs as I take and make calls. The only time I need any other window is for the occasional chat or to send an sms; or to drag the "view in window" box up to where the camera is on top of the display when closer to eye to eye is desired. Hopefully, they will tweak 4.0 into a more user-defined format.
siiix said:
well the ONLINE amount of people increased from 1million for 15million over the fast few months, its hard to fake that, you can see how many are online when you start skype... dont know why trough skype is really a bad and/or expensive service compared to all other competitors... i personally hate skype, would not use it if some of my contacts would not be only reachable there
siiix said:
[b]Originally posted by captain828:[/b][quote]405mil ?!? wowThis is what should be instead of classical telephony.[/quote]NO ! thats VOIP as in SIP, skype is very expensive, very low audio quality compared to SIP, and video i'm very not impressed eigter, not to mention Skype uses a proprietary protocol so you have to use the crapy software and hardware will stay expensive as it can gettrust me skype is not the future, its just a temporary hiccup in popularity do to people want change but not informed enough of they options
fearraza said:
i used Skype for gaming purposes, its really convenient.
Julio said:
I haven't used Skype for about a year now, but back then it was unmatched in terms of PC to PC video quality for a freeware program.
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