11.6-inch netbooks arriving in the near future?

By Justin Mann on February 26, 2009, 1:55 PM
After getting confirmation that Asus, Acer and other manufacturers would be abandoning 8.9-inch netbooks, it was assumed that most of them would be focusing on the 10-inch units already available. Could they be looking for something even larger, though? There has been an increase in demand lately for 11.6-inch LCD displays, which is significantly larger than what most netbooks currently on the market have.

Diverging even more from the “small” category, 11.6-inch units would truly rival regular laptops in terms of screen real estate, with resolutions of 1366x768. As I have mentioned before, it seems clear that the line between netbook and notebook is getting blurrier with each successive generation. Netbooks are now sporting large hard drives, wider displays, standard desktop operating systems and a decent amount of CPU/GPU horsepower. Most importantly of all, it's mentioned that the netbook vendors will have “clear boundaries” in price and functionality between 10 and 11.6-inch models, which means that larger units could now truly be into the $400 and higher range of prices.

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captain828 said:
As long as they'll stay under $1000 they should be popular.
Vanquisher23 said:
As an owner of a 10" Netbook, I don't think any bigger is better. An 11.6" screen on a device is going to close into the "notebook" catagory. The device is supposed to be small. That's what makes them so perfect for portability.
9Nails said:
It's a shame that the ultra-portable light-weight laptops are also ultra-expensive. They would have made excellent Netbooks IMHO. I'm not looking for a desktop replacement in my next laptop and really, portability and affordability are the game.My current 15.4" laptop makes every effort to have me walking like a caveman with my shoulder weighed down and knuckles scraping the ground while carrying it and it's carry bag doubles as a shield when I want to prevent someone from passing me in the hallway. I think a sub 12" Netbook with their low price, portability and light weight are right in my area of interest.
anguis said:
my 15" laptop is plenty small enough. Its not even that heavy. 11.6" netbooks simply puts more range into the laptop market, so people can find exactly the size they desire.
michele31415 said:
For me at least, the whole point of a portable computer is portability. Yes, an 8.9" screen is small, but when I'm on the road, that's a good thing. My Acer Aspire 1 will even fit in my purse. And at home, I can just plug it into a large external monitor. I don't really see what the ~11-12" format brings to the game. But as with everything else YMMV.
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