Study: 83% of businesses to delay upgrade to Windows 7

By Justin Mann on April 13, 2009, 2:35 PM
Microsoft received a lot of flak from numerous sources following the Vista launch. The biggest slap in the face didn't come from home users or enthusiasts, though, even if independent reviews were the most barbed. What really hurt Microsoft was the number of businesses, both small and large, that refused to upgrade to Vista. The pattern didn't change following compatibility updates and the service pack, and at the beginning of this year Vista was still showing poor adoption rates in the enterprise.

Is everybody waiting for Windows 7? Is Microsoft's full-steam development of the Vista successor going to be the answer to the adoption woes? Apparently not. At least one recent study shows that a significant number of businesses are not planning on upgrading to Windows 7. The figure is high, at an estimated of 83% of businesses planning not to upgrade - at least not right away, in the first year. That's understandable on the surface, with businesses wanting plenty of time to ensure application compatibility.

But how long will businesses delay the adoption of a new operating system? And could this mean big trouble for Redmond? Some companies reported they will wait upwards of three years before deploying Windows 7, sticking instead with Windows XP. Microsoft may be wanting to move on, but if large numbers of their customers don't, they could find themselves in a support predicament.

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9Nails said:
I like Windows Server 2008 and Windows Seven. They're all about security, and have a better looking interface than Windows XP. But at the end of the day, how well I can manage them is the question. Also and equally important is what software do I currently own is not supported under Windows Seven. And finally, what advantages do I gain by upgrading?Honestly, aside from the better security, I haven't found much that I can take advantage of right away in Windows Seven as a business. And we already have acceptable levels of security in XP. In Windows Seven, there's no built-in Help-Desk support, no anti-virus, Office apps are still extra, doesn't work with NetWare or Apple, and then there's the matter of printer drivers, 3rd party software install/support, and vendor support.For my business, Windows Seven is still a no go.But for my home use, it's wonderful.
gobbybobby said:
upgrading all the pcs within a business in a recession would be crazy. XP works great, y upgrade?
tengeta said:
Theres no kidding about a learning curve, but I've gotten Vista down to simple process... believe it or not. (No one ever believes me, even when I show it to them in their face). 2008 is far more different from 2003 than Vista/7 is from XP.I'm actually gonna hang around college a bit longer so I can get into Windows Server 2008 classes before I head off. Then again... that was the plan before I thought about that excuse =).
anonymous said:
I'll hang on to XP till support ends and serious security vulnerabilities start going unpatched. Until Microsoft adds back critical [url]
ws_Vista[/url] and [url]
ws_7.[/url] I'm a loyal Windows user and Microsoft have to right to remove some lesser used features, some of which were not even obsolete though some of them were. I prefer the successful Windows XP user interface to Vista's/Windows 7's mess and used lots of features which they removed. There's no way I'm upgrading to Windows 7 no matter how foolish the fanboys call me and no matter how ga-ga the media goes over Windows 7 (instead of writing a balanced review), Give me back all the lost features and I'll upgrade in the blink of an eye.
captain828 said:
Windows 7 = a better marketed Windows Vista, for those Vista haters; functionally... the same OS.Nuff said.
phantasm66 said:
Been using Vista since its release, absolutely NO COMPLAINTS whatsoever. I wish people would stop whining, actually.Given this, I am not really as excited about Windows 7 as everyone else seems to be. Its just gonna add touchscreen multitouch support (so I will probably get it for the tablet) plus other bits and pieces I can probably just live without. We will see.
DarkCobra said:
Gez, I finally get Vista running smoothly on my desktop (64 bit) and two laptops (32 bit) . . . all after much tweaking, some registry hacking and a lot of cussing (mostly at UAC which I've disabled) . . . and they want me to start all over again? Nah, I'm gonna pass for a while. If it ain't broke . . .
license27kill said:
microsoft makes people confused..if they only followed the path of xp..there should have much less problems
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