Video game sales down 17% in April?

By Justin Mann on May 11, 2009, 3:08 PM
For the second month in a row, video game sales are expected to see a significant decline. Following a year-over-year drop of around 17% in March, recent forecasts paint the video game industry as slipping another 17% in April, with sales totals expected to equal around $550 million. This is despite still-healthy sales estimates for consoles and handhelds alike, with the Wii once again coming in number one at just under half a million.

Even though sales figures for consoles remain decent, analysts expect a double-digit decline for the second month in a row – something that could be seen as the softening of a market that so far seemed recession-proof. However, according to analysts, part of the decline has much to do with game availability in 2009 as opposed to 2008, with less big-name titles coming out that grab gamers’ attention. That could be true, as April is usually not a peak month for most development schedules, yet titles like Grand Theft Auto IV and Mario Kart Wii launched and sold 4 million combined units during this same period last year.

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yukka said:
I am not sure if I speak for everyone in the video game world (in fact I am sure I dont) but I havent had a good reason to spend money on my Xbox 360 or my PC for a couple of months now.In February there was Street Fighter 4 and Dawn of War 2. Titles that guaranteed my cash. Looking at the 360 lineup currently, I see remakes (Vin Diesel), random FPS games that haven't shaken the world to its foundations (such as Wanted) and not alot else.Fingers crossed that the batman game coming out warrants a purchase (as an ardant fan and owner of many batman graphic novels, I hope its the first decent bat game since the Spectrum version based on the first Tim Burton movie) otherwise I am waiting to see the xmas lineup again (and either fifa 2010 or the new pro evo, probably fifa if its as good as this year).Maybe im just getting old..edit:: actually I probably am. I forgot Halo Wars - probably the highest profile release in March/April but again as a PC owner, I dont rush to play RTS games with my joypad.[Edited by yukka on 2009-05-11 16:07:40]
TomSEA said:
I'm with ya yukka. It isn't about not wanting to spend the money on games, it's just the games released recently have been garbage. Look at the Metacritic compilation ratings of Xbox 360 and PC Games for the last two months. Most in the 70 percentile, and several below that. Personally, I rarely touch a game unless it scores at least in the mid to high 80 percentile. Recently released Plants vs. Zombies has done well, but otherwise, it's been a very below average time for quality game releases. [url][/url] They want us to spend money on games? Then put out some good ones! ;-)
Eddie_42 said:
[b]Originally posted by TomSEA:[/b][quote]They want us to spend money on games? Then put out some good ones! ;-)[/quote]Couldn't have said it better.
yukka said:
What a shit. Just went to read some batman previews and there is news its being delayed from a 26/6/09 release date to "after summer".Seriously. So annoying - the first game for months thats got me interested and its canned till closer to xmas.
black_adder said:
Agreed... Game developers shouldnt be suprised that people Arent buying games, when they're not making anything worth buying.
gobbybobby said:
[b]Originally posted by black_adder:[/b][quote]Agreed... Game developers shouldnt be suprised that people Arent buying games, when they're not making anything worth buying.[/quote]Most developers are trying to expand the lifespan of their current games instead of making new ones, maybe DLC sales should be added to the data.
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