Apple rolls out iPhone OS 3.1

By on September 9, 2009, 3:30 PM
Apple unveiled iPhone OS 3.1 at today's "It's Only Rock and Roll" event in San Francisco. In addition to some new features, the software update contains all of the functions introduced previously in 3.0. Version 3.1 is available now, so if you've been looking forward to its release, be sure to upgrade and share your thoughts in the comments.

Among the more noteworthy additions brought with 3.1 is "Genius" app recommendations, which feeds you apps based on software that you've already downloaded. Other features include the ability to download ringtones wirelessly, organize apps in iTunes, redeem iTunes Gift Cards and view account credits in the App Store, save video from Mail and MMS into the Camera Roll, remotely lock an iPhone with a passcode via MobileMe, paste phone numbers into the keypad, and several more.

If you are still waiting for MMS support, AT&T is expected to launch the feature a little over two weeks from now on September 25.

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Guest said:

Still no Java? Screw Apple, screw Steve Jobs, screw AT&T!

Guest said:

I agree with the above statement. At&t is apples biggest mistake ever.

Guest said:

I'm confused, Java works fine on my iPhone. Isn't it Flash that's missing?

Guest said:

You're correct. The above statements were posted by ignorant people who know nothing about that of which they speak. They need to stop complaining because the world owes them nothing. Some peoples' sense of entitlement makes me sick. blah blah blah AT&T blah blah blah Apple etc., etc., etc. As if they (Apple/AT&T) give one fragment of a thought to what some naysayer thinks, says, or does. I know I know, the whole customer bit; but even I know that some people will never be happy or content, unless you bend over backwards to please them. Naturally, bending over backwards and trying to appease one means completely ignoring and upsetting ten. Do the math. I'd gladly lose one to make ten happy.

Bottom line: STFU because no one really cares about your opinion, and most likely, no one ever did. Have a great life.

SNGX1275 SNGX1275, TS Forces Special, said:

agree with above poster, he also forgot that some people just love to hate apple.

9Nails, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Wasn't Flash nearly announced as nearly ready in 2007*? The HTC Hero with Android OS has it. So why is this so difficult for Apple to get the same job done?!

* =

Didou Didou, Bowtie extraordinair!, said:

Because the performance is very poor.

I for one encourage anything that could diminish the importance of Flash. It's been abused so much since it was invented, webmasters or just anyone with a website thinks it needs to be choke-full of flash applets. It doesn't make things easier to read & just slows down the browser for no apparent reason (especially on any OS other than Windows as Linux & Mac users know what that's like).

To remain on topic this update doesn't bring much change, just added some Genius functionalities such as application suggestions based on what you've purchased or use the most, etc. The most interesting new element is the anti-phishing mechanisms added to Mobile Safari, that alone should warrant an update.

Guest said:

at & t may be a problem but at the same time, isn't Apple the problem as well. To my understanding, although GSM is more widely used, it doesn't handle traffic as well as CDMA. Not only that, because of the success of the iPhone, I think if Sprint, Verizon or any other CDMA company, their networks would also not be able to handle all the traffic.

I think at & t is trying to do the right thing by upgrading and adding more towers but with that comes expenses and I believe that is why they are so slow in their upgrades.

I don't have at & t, Sprint, Verizon, etc as up here in AK there is GCI, ACS, and recently at & t for cellular providers and that's it.

T77 T77 said:

even itunes has the genius feature,suggesting songs i suppose.but sadly it doesn't work in India.

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