PlayStation 3 owners hit by major PSN outage

By on March 1, 2010, 9:36 AM
Update: Sony issued an update on the PlayStation Blog claiming the source of the problem has been identified as a bug in the clock functionality incorporated in the system. The company says it hopes to resolve this within the next 24 hours, and is advising owners of older non-slim PS3s to keep their consoles turned off until further notice.

PlayStation 3 owners around the world were hit by a nasty glitch over the weekend, preventing them from accessing the console's online gaming and shopping service, the PlayStation Network. That alone would be inconvenient, but according to a number of complaints on official forums, titles like the newly released “Heavy Rain” were even unplayable offline and trophies won in other games have outright disappeared.

Interestingly, the problem appears to be affecting only the older PlayStation 3 consoles and not the newer so-called "slim" models that were recently launched. Sony acknowledged the problem and stated that they are working on a fix. While it made no mention of what is causing the problem, some suggest it might be a combination of DRM and firmware issues rather than a network outage.

Affected units have their system date set to Dec 31, 1999 or January 1st 2000 and the consoles are reportedly only able to play non-protected games. Any PlayStation 3 owners experiencing PSN problems today? Share your experience in the comments.

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Guest said:

its pathetic that soney doesnt even update info on this. I have the old phat system and can't play any game I have, nor netflix etc etc disgracefull

Guest said:

i have just found out about this problem......turned ps3 on....will not say 31/12 23:53....have tried disabling internet connection.....still wont play games in offline mode says trophies couldnt be completed and so games close..... sony need to get some arses into will be a lengthy delay or they need to provide a new are they going to be able to provide a fix to the problem if i cant get onto internet to update it... guess will have to send off for the fix meaning another few days with a now useless product.......

Timonius Timonius said:

"...some suggest it might be a combination of DRM..."

Hmmm...looks like PC gamers might not be the only ones that have to deal with this type of thing.

Guest said:

My PS3 is down just bought heavy rain and cant even play it!!!. Its not even a online game but because of trophy sinc it will not allow me to play it.

Guest said:

Im halfway through assassin's creed 2, went to put it on this morning and because it cant access the trophies, due to the PS network not working, it just quits the game. I have also noticed that my trophies for assassin's creed 2 have disappeared from the menu. this is very annoying!

Guest said:

I couldn't get heavy rain to work, but UFC 2009 Undisputed works just fine. I think this affects certain games but not all. I sure hope they fix it before God of War 3.

Guest said:

I can still get on bbc i player and the net just not PSN

Guest said:

i dont even mind about not playing online but i cant even play games offline now, its retarded seriously

Guest said:

I was going through and reading about it last night. and from the threads i read, other users were saying to delete your last update and then put the update back on, i continue'd to read on and as i did, other user's had said that they did a system factory rest... now i had done a factory rest in the past.. lost everything didn't really wanna do it again. So read into more info on it, and out of 500 user's on a form all stated they deleted there game that had to do with heavy rain and the update then turned there system off, and it worked for them.. so i went a head and did the same thing.. Sadly... it didn't work and i lost all my saved content for heavy rain..but i'm not going to complain about that..

Sony isn't being fair to there customer's by not telling them the whole truth on what's happening i didn't know telling the truth to thousands of customers would be so hard.. i know they might tell what the issue was after it's fixed but i don't want answer's after it's fixed i want answer's now so i know what i actually am waiting on. instead of being told that they are currently working on the problem and asking us to wait paitently. We have no choice no game's or downloadable content can be played.

Guest said:

This better end becAuse i have no life:)!!

Guest said:

Oh thank god im so happy it wasnt just me. I actually pood

Guest said:

I hope sony is not trying to force consumers to buy the new slim model. I will not buy the new model if this is a tactic to sell more PS3 units I guess I will have to buy a X-Box 360. Right now my PS3 is pretty much useless wont even play games offline so I doubt this is an error of the playstation network. Sony needs to held accountable for this in some way or the other . SONY and Toyota seem to have alot in common these days.

yukka, TechSpot Paladin, said:

I have listened to PS3 owner telling me the console is much better than my 360 and that Microsoft sucks and the RROD is the end of the world. On Saturday I bought a PS3 finally to play Heavy Rain - a pre-owned 40 GB model I managed to complete Heavy Rain last night at 11pm at my friends house and when I got the console home I found I could not connect to the PSN network and I could not play my games - it said there was a problem with the Trophy data and said "press X". Pressing X restarts the console.

I am not going to cry about it - its actually quite funny that 2 days after I buy one, the whole system breaks for millions and millions of people at once but the next time a Sony fan tries to tell me how bad MS are, it won't hold quite so much weight.

Guest said:

I have both systems and I like them both for different reasons. Cant really say one is better then the other cause it really depends on what game, what I am doing, etc. Sony is clearly more powerful, but I don't see the positive in that cause most of the ps3 exclusive titles that showcase its power have been pretty lame games. But I want to try this rain game I keep hearing about

Vrmithrax Vrmithrax, TechSpot Paladin, said:

From reading about the issues on some other sites, it sounds like the issue may have something to do with a screwy leap year handling routine in the older units. Similar thing happened in 2008 to Zunes, if I recall correctly.

Guess we'll see how they fix the issue.

yukka, TechSpot Paladin, said:

I completed Heavy Rain - it was really good. I wouldnt mind getting it working again so I can go back to the some of the more influential chapters and try seeing how it panned out if I did things differently. I also hope they fix my new shiny console. I wouldnt mind buying the new Street Fighter 4 on it since the dpad is much better - I trained myself to do Dragon punches on those 15 years ago :P

Guest said:

I just hope they fix it fast. im not complaining about it. just want to be able to play after a long day at work...

Docnoq said:

Hmm.. I haven't noticed any problems on mine, but I have a "newer" fat console. Been playing Darksiders just fine :-)

Guest said:

All I know is this is the last time I purchase a PS3 product again. This is so ridiculus......Time to purchase an Xbox (reliable at least)!!!

gobbybobby said:

not switching my one on till its fixed. No big deal as long as its fixed by time Mag and BFBC2 arrive (in next few days I hope) I am fine. And guest above me, Stop trolling and FFS make an account fed up of ''guest'' comments.

Guest said:

xboxs arent reliable unless you get the elite one, the standard xbox is a lump of **** and has a 30% chance of getting RROD in first 3 months (RROD = ****ed) id get a new ps3 slim if i were you

Guest said:

This really sucks. I can accept outages but ps dragging a fix on this takes the piss conslisrs have been going down fir teo days now. They could atleast send down a patch to disable the trophy issue. Or give us some real time updates on when it's gonna be sorted.

Guest said:

xboxs arent reliable unless you get the elite one, the standard xbox is a lump of **** and has a 30% chance of getting RROD in first 3 months (RROD = ****ed) id get a new ps3 slim if i were you

Utter rubbish had mine since the launch not one prob. There are the same amount of busted ps3's out there as there is 360's and live is much more well supported. but you pay for the right not to have a royal **** up like psn

Guest said:

Finally Back ON!!! About Time!!!!!

Guest said:

Amazingly poor system that won't allow it's users to at least play games offline while they fix their miserable network. Ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!

Guest said:

First Toyota and now Sony,What happened to Japanese reliability ???

Guest said:

Japanese reliability is only for people living in Japan not for the rest of the world

Guest said:

I have a 250GB slim PS3, and when I download the fifa 2010 demo, after installing it disapeares, i found the file in the saved games past.

itĀ's not just on the non slim PS3

Guest said:

I recently bought my PS3 around Black Friday, off Amazon. It is the new, slim version of the PS3. It is also facing PSN connection problems. It has been happening recently, and I don't think it is ONLY the old PS3's that are facing these problems, but perhaps even the slim as well.


Supra Supra said:

I've got an original 20GB phat model that I upgraded to 120GB and haven't had any trouble. Was playing MAG until after midnight Sunday and again went on PSN this afternoon and bought Burnout Paradise bundle, no troubles.

Guest said:

Dial 1-800-XBOX360.

Guest said:

The Playstation Network failure is a disgrace to Sony.....This is one of many failures on the PSN....

Another example of crap service, is the failure and discontiuation of the online third person shooter game, called "The Club" (Sega). One day the online capability was just turned off for the Playstation, was it Sega or Sony who are responsible for that problem....Seems that "The Club" still works on the XBOX 360....

Whatever the situation my PS3 is looking very dusty and may stay that way once the XBOX 360 turns up....

Message left by PSN member: robot_cyborg

Richy2k9 said:

hello ...

i laugh each time there's an 'issue' with PS3, whether it be a rumor about a price drop, otherOS removal & now with the recent apocalyPS3...

well i was worried but confident that the machine will go through this with limited damage, guess what it's a no damage to me. If i didn't read about the issue, i wouldn't even have known of it, for since Sunday morning i didn't switch on my PS3 & as usual during the 1st few days of a week, i rarely switch it on for any reason if i don't have some downloads 'en cours', then would also be on PS Life.

because of the articles, i went yesternite to check things up & got down because my phat ex-20G was sick, read & commented on various sites. when SONY said would be fixed within 24 hours, was sure about it & this morning, i switch it on, was OK ... so much ado about nothing.

yes i survived the apocalyPS3 & sure hope SONY finds a way to fix this definitely, wasn't any PSN bug, was with the RTC & bad coding of leap year.

wasn't an attack on PSN & certainly the PSN isn't bad, i don't understand why some would always whine about it, i'm not a fanboy, i love games on PC & PS3.

SONY will not remove otherOS, this wasn't a test ...

The machine is one of the best in terms of reliability, there can be any issue with electronics, but statistically this isn't a 54% fail rate with no solution than change it.

now i'm sure some are feeling weird about what they said, too late & even if a lot were wearing a mask, you should at least take in consideration that you freaked out....

LOL, i did!

thank you japanese SONY for such a great console, but please no more of this & don't worry people will always whine even if you give them a golden palace & cloudy bed & pillows ...

cheer out!

Guest said:

So, PS3 suffers from the Y2K bug, 10 yrs after it... I guess that the reliability of it (and sony) is going down the drain.

jacob007 said:

All fanboyism aside.... iĀ'm really sad to see Sony in such bad shape, they used to be great in consoles today they are in 3rd place, used to be number 1 on TV, now they are just one of the bunch, their laptops donĀ't sell great, handheld music devices pretty much died since the ipod.... they have the brand to drive innovation but they just wont take risks and everyone else already caught up and is passing them on almost every single area of their business.

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