OCZ EL DDR PC-3500 Memory review

By Derek Sooman on January 21, 2003, 5:07 PM
Oh man, you HAVE to see these memory modules. I am aware of the current trend of making the interior of the computer a little more colourful, but wait till you see these, here, here, and here. Quite possibly the most beautiful memory modules I have ever seen. But then its probably time I got a girlfriend.... ;)

And they pack a punch too:

"The fact that the OCZ EL-3500 module scoffed at 235MHz (470MHz DDR) at CAS2 shows that it's amongst the very best system memory you can buy."

Full review here.

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KrazyKevin said:
Yep, its time for a girlfriend :)
Phantasm66 said:
HEHEHE!;)I wondered who would be the first to post that. Its find of like painting a target on your face.
KrazyKevin said:
Easy easy target, lol, but it is nice looking memory. I'm not big on the memory scene, but is that some kinda chip protector, heat displacement element, or is it just for looks? Sorry, but I haven't got around to reading the story yet.
Arris said:
I bought some of this recently, not just saying it looks nice... I actually bought some!Really is time for a girl friend. :rolleyes:Performs nice. At the moment I just have it running at 333DDR at max possible memory timings.Unfortunately something in my system isn't stable with a frontside bus overclock so I am probably going to unlock my palomino and attempt running sychronous 333fsb and memory speeds for best performance.I have a few shots of the memory and it installed. If anyone is as sad as me I can post them later ;)EL = enhanced latency. They have thinned down the packaging of the memory chips so that the copper cooling system actually sucks more of the heat outta the chips.
Vehementi said:
[quote][i]Originally posted by Arris [/i][b]unlock my palomino and attempt running sychronous 333fsb and memory speeds for best performance.[/b][/quote] You can't unlock the 2100+ by normal means. FMI, read the article posted [URL=http://www.techspot.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=3
63]here[/URL]. I wish I could unlock my 2100+ as well, but I guess I'm out of luck puke:This looks like really god damn good DDR. If only I didn't have sufficient memory now...
Nick said:
PC3700 made by geil has been out for quite awhile... the PC3500 has by geil has been out even longer... [url]http://www.ocsystem.com/pc46ddr.html[/url]
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