Windows 8 Build 7955: new features surface

By on April 26, 2011, 8:00 AM
After Windows 8 build 7955 was leaked yesterday, new features and details of Microsoft's next operating system continue to surface. Neowin has been covering the leaks in detail and we've compiled some highlights below:

The "immersive browser" is a unique Metro UI-style browser with basic functionality as of right now. Based on reports and leaked screenshots, it offers users a very limited UI and navigation bar. With only a couple of options including the back and forward history buttons, an address bar with favicon, a refresh button and favorites, the browser offers a compact interface without all the unnecessary bloat. Read more on the feature, here.

Another feature that was further detailed is "History Vault", courtesy of a new screenshot on The screenshot sheds some new light on how the Apple Time Machine-like feature will work on Windows.

History Vault will manage all your saved files through a timeline (found on the bottom of the UI), so users can restore edited or deleted items. Although the interface and functionality will likely change over the coming months, the base idea that Windows users will soon be able to restore individual items, rather than an entire restore point, saves everyone a massive headache. Read more on the feature, here.

Windows 8 also features updated gesture controls, touch screen keyboard and cursor effects, and in a short YouTube video posted by user Xeraxical (Alex Reed) we can see some of those changes in action.

The video may appear to not be significant, but it does show that Microsoft is working on new features for tablets (and possibly mobile phones) already in the early stages of development. It could mean that Microsoft's next operating system, Windows 8, will be more geared towards the mobile market with touchscreen devices.

The latest Windows 8 leak appeared on a private FTP server on, which eventually spilled onto public torrent websites. The leaked build was from Milestone 2, a previous and old build from within Microsoft. The latest compile of Windows 8 is in the "Milestone 3" or M3 phase. Video, available here.

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SneekyGeaky said:

We all know it's way too early to talk business about Windows 8 right now, but my thoughts as of now are that, if Microsoft does not introduce/implement enough new features and functionality on W8 other than mobile/web enhancements or optimizations by the time it reaches the RTM stage, then I doubt most of the W7 user base will have any reasons to upgrade, including companies too.

Therefor, most sales of W8 licenses will come from new tablets and other devices alike while desktops and servers as well will remain "7" for quite some time considering there are still more service packs to come in the future for W7.

That's just a theory I'm dealing with right now... would someone like to elaborate more on that in my behalf?

Guest said:

considering how much of a battle it has been for MS to get people off XP, getting people off 7 will be impossible.

I don't like how they keep fking with the taskbar, can I have Vista taskbar back plz... and xp UP DIRECTORY BUTTON. that's your killer feature right there.


avoidz avoidz said:

+1 for the return of the Up button. How could they leave that out ffs.

Also bring back the Classic Control Panel option from Vista.

Guest said:

Well I don't see how you've lost the up directory function when you can just click on the folders in the title bar, you even get a choice of 3 levels not just 1.

It would be nice to see MS standardise the file browsers other programs can pop up. It feels like there is 4 or 5 different kinds.

gwailo247, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

I actually do have a wish. Make a folder searchable via the right click menu. My main gripe with 7.

NickV said:

The surface looks more like Windows 7.

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