Blast from the past: Apogee launches online store

By on June 18, 2011, 11:00 AM

When I saw this news, I experienced a huge feeling of nostalgia; I just knew I had to write it up. It's crazy how many times I saw the logo you now see on the side. Apogee has announced the launch of its new online store over at

Gamers can now buy some of Apogee's favorite legacy titles, including Duke Nukem 3D, Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, and the Apogee Legacy Pack. The $20 Legacy Pack is a collection of classic Apogee games including, Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition, Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, Rise of the Triad: Dark War, Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold, and Blake Stone: Planet Strike.

This weekend, you can get $5.00 off the price by typing in the Coupon Code "Father" – the Father's Day special expires on Monday, June 20, 2011. Additionally, as a bonus for ordering the Legacy Pack, you will receive at no additional cost Extreme Rise of the Triad and the soundtrack to Duke Nukem: Critical Mass with 10 "ego-pumping" songs (Apogee's words, not mine).

Apogee was a pioneer in digital distribution 25 years ago, before the rise of the console. Commander Keen, one of the company's classics, is one of the reasons why I am a die-hard PC gamer, and always will be, rather than a console gamer.

"Apogee fostered young development teams creating a global audience through its digital distribution platform," Terry Nagy, Apogee's Chief Creative Officer, said in a statement. "Apogee will continue its tradition by providing a platform for new developers to access a global market...our online store being the first step in this direction."

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gwailo247, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

RoTT. First game to let you dual wield pistols IIRC. That was fun.

Guest said:

Blake Stone!

insect said:

Commander Keen!

madboyv1, TechSpot Paladin, said:

ohmansyes. They need to make more packs. I'd buy a Commander Keen Collection. A lot of time in the 90s was spent playing Apogee games, and I feel the same way as Emil on this one.

Guest said:

I wish they'd revive Commander Keen and make a new game from the series. Imagine Keen, his blaster and those yellow slugs in 3D running on DX11.

Guest said:

Keen is the man! I grew up on the Commander.

Guest said:

They did. Take a look at Steam's "Commander Keen Pack" under ID Games.

MrAnderson said:

A new updated Commander Keen platformer Ratchet and Clank style would be awesome!

BTW... anyone try to user the "Father" code... it doesn't work for me. I am have nostalgic feelings regarding the Blake and RoT series! I heard that a RoT was supposed to be in the works. Let Ravensoft do it... it would be great.

Guest said:

just use father, with no caps.....if code doesn't work

fpsgamerJR62 said:

Wow, Rise of the Triad. Seems like another lifetime ago. Thanks for the post, Emil. Really brings back good memories.

Guest said:

Ah, I also grew up on Commander Keen and Duke. Apogee <3

Also - anyone love Raptor: Call of the Shadows?

That game was SO good. Think you can get it on the iPhone now too..


Guest said:

Apogee Means Action

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