Double Fine Kickstarter campaign raises over 700k in one day -- make that 1+ million

By on February 9, 2012, 1:00 PM

Video game developer Double Fine Productions recently launched a joint campaign with 2 Player Productions on Kickstarter to raise money for the development of an upcoming point-and-click adventure game. In less than nine hours, the team surpassed their goal of $400,000 with more than a month of donation time remaining.

Kickstarter is a crowd funding site that is used to generate financing for a variety of projects such as indie films, music endeavors and comics. As an established game studio, it may seem a bit odd for Double Fine to seek public backing for their next game but founder Tim Schafer and staff believe it’s a wonderful opportunity that will benefit both gamers and the studio.

Not having to rely on traditional financing methods such as investment firms, publishers or loans will give Double Fine the freedom to experiment, take risks and design without any strings attached. Backers (those who pledge money to a project) will get an inside look at how a game is developed from start to finish, free of commercial marketing.

The game itself will be created over a six-to-eight month period and is described as a point-and-click adventure. Where it goes from there will unfold in real time for all of the backers to see. 2 Player Productions will be documenting the entire process and releasing monthly videos exclusively for Kickstarter backers.

In addition to the documentary, there will be a private online community for backers to discuss the project and submit their thoughts regarding the game and its development. Beta access will be provided for anyone that pledges $15 or more and once the game is finished, the completed version will be available in the format of their choice.

As of writing, over 17,000 backers have donated in excess of $700,000 to the project. All extra money over the original $400,000 goal will be put back into the game and documentary. Those interested in pledging can do so through Double Fine’s Kickstarter page.

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H3llion H3llion, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Nice, this is great! Very passionate bunch of people ^^ Good luck to them and their future projects.

ramonsterns said:

It's past $800000. I imagine it will hit a million be week's end.

Was never a fan of adventure game, but I'm glad to see publishers getting a boot in the nads. It's about time publishers keeled over and died.

Guest said:

I'm certainly happy for them, it's a tough arena fighting with publishers when you want to maintain creative control of an original IP. This support certainly should show publishers that new and creative titles are certainly still in demand and sought after by the gaming market.

I'm a huge personal fan of the Psychonauts and Costume Quest, so I have no ill will against their success. As a small developer, however, I'm concerned to see what trend this will set in the future concerning game developers. The crowd funding initiative spearheaded by Kickstarter has been a very useful tool for innovative games to be made and shipped with much more modest funding goals. Our company, Mighty Rabbit Studios, launched our Saturday Morning RPG campaign literally one hour before Double Fine, much to our dismay. I fear ours may fail on account that regular contributors are all funneling money into Double Fine well past their campaign goal, where we will have much difficulty releasing our game and staying afloat with the goal we stated.

As mentioned, I'm a huge fan of Double Fine and very happy for them, but I wonder if this isn't a precedent that will lead to have a detrimental effect on small creative developers in the future if more prominent studios begin stepping into the arena. Just a thought...

Guest said:

If they do this well it will start a whole new wave of game development funding. If they botch it up it could close the doors on this opportunity for future game developers.

Good luck, Mr. Schaefer!

Guest said:

There have been a lot of projects hitting the top ten lately, like the elevation dock. I'm really excited that projects like double fine and the Order of the Stick are making money too, as creative projects!

ramonsterns said:

Guest said:

If they do this well it will start a whole new wave of game development funding. If they botch it up it could close the doors on this opportunity for future game developers.

Good luck, Mr. Schaefer!

Technically, it would help old developers. I think the only reason this did so well is because of Psychonauts/Monkey Island influences.

Mindwraith said:

It would be interesting to see if this could work with new indie developers too, though somehow I'm not as hopeful.

EXCellR8 EXCellR8, The Conservative, said:

kickstarter is a great tool if you have something good to campaign. i don't fully understand how it works but i've seen some pretty interesting things on there. a lot of people are getting funded and the numbers are pretty impressive. makes me wonder who is actually backing the projects...

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