Intel expects touchscreens on "majority" of Ultrabooks in 2013

By on June 5, 2012, 5:30 PM

As highlighted in this press release, Intel has been creating agreements with display manufacturers in order to promote touch-enabled Ultrabooks. This confirms earlier reports which claimed Intel had begun encouraging OEMs to include touch-sensitive displays on their Ultrabook products.

Intel has been an active evangelist of Ultrabooks, a term which Intel itself coined. Ultrabooks are laptops which are exceptionally thin and light but aim to offer higher performance and a bigger screen than netbooks.

Requirements to qualify as an Ultrabook have fluctuated in recent history, but third-generation Ultrabooks must exhibit a thickness no greater than 18mm (for screens less than 14 inches) or 21mm (for screens larger than 14 inches), at least 5 hours of battery life, USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt and the inclusion of various Intel technologies.

Intel senior VP Tom Kilroy also told Engadget that the chip maker is investing in manufacturers who specifically produce touch displays that are 13 inches and greater. This suggests that Intel may be trying to nudge the industry into producing Ultrabooks with larger average screen sizes as well.

Kilroy also revealed that he expects the "majority" of Ultrabooks to have touchscreen capability before the end of next year. However, he admitted there will likely always be a market for not-so-touchable Ultrabooks.

It is clear that Intel intends Ultrabooks to be a commercial success. The company continues to invest resources into promoting and improving the ultra-slim laptops. Just yesterday, Intel announced a new design for plastic chassis which it claims will rival the quality of die-case and machine aluminum, but at a fraction of the cost.

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psycros psycros said:

Who wants an overpriced laptop with a terrible keyboard, other than Apple fans? Sorry,'re gonna continue to eat it on "ultrabooks". The future belongs to mid-range, convertible tablets with hideaway keyboards selling for under $500. Windows 8 will only make things worse if that's what Intel's campaign for touch on Ultrabooks is really all about. At this rate Android will own the mobile desktop within three years if Google wants it to.

psycros psycros said:

..and if they do, they could quickly expand that domination to home PC desktop as well. App and game developers will go where the users are every time. Microsoft is in serious trouble if it doesn't stop pretending to be Apple and get its head back in the game. Intel will also take a pretty heavy hit if they keep trying to steer the market towards places it doesn't want to go.

Guest said:

I hate ts!!

Guest said:

I have enough problems with moronic ****** wandering up to my desk, drooling and poking my clean LCD panel with their greasy fingers, because they're too busy stuffing junk food into their mouths to explain what they're seeing.

But, I guess Microsoft & Intel's crystal balls are allowing them to see a future where humanity has lost all it's intelligence, and we're all reduced to being grunting cavemen huddling over fires, holding an Intel branded slate running a Microsoft OS, mindlessly poking "Like" icons before getting eaten by feral animals. Swap Microsoft for Apple if you are so inclined, because it changes nothing.

Guest said:

The tribe has spoken...

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