Cisco Systems hire Barclays to help sell router brand Linksys

By on December 17, 2012, 1:30 PM

Cisco Systems has reportedly hired financial services company Barclays to help find a buyer for Linksys, a well-known brand with regards to routers, according to unnamed sources as first reported by Bloomberg. Television set makers might make great targets for a purchase due to brand recognition and how their technology could be implemented in future connected sets.

The decision to sell the brand is all part of Cisco’s overall strategy to get out of the consumer business and focus more on corporate software and technology services, according to the publication. In fact, CEO John Chambers has cut nearly 8,000 jobs over the course of the past year, eliminating other brands like the Flip Video camera in the process.

Even still, Cisco still have their hands tied up with a number of other business ventures. The company produces the Scientific Atlanta cable set-top box. In July, they purchased NDS Group for $5 billion and together, they operate British Sky Broadcasting Group, Canal Plus and DirecTV.

It is believed that Linksys would sell for a bit less than the $500 million that Cisco paid in 2003 due to the fact that it is a mature brand with low overall margins. Representatives for Cisco and Barclays both declined to comment on the sale.

In the interest of curiosity, what brand of router do you use for your home network?  Linksys and Netgear are probably the two names that I am most familiar with but it’s no secret that brand loyalty plays a huge role in router sales these days.

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SCJake said:

Anything but sonicwall or buffalo

Burty117 Burty117, TechSpot Chancellor, said:


Lionvibez said:

I'm using a Dlink DGL 4500 aslong as you stay on 1.15 firmware its been rock solid for years now.

Guest said:

Used to have belkin, buffalo and linksys. Netgear used to have bad rep. The linksys WRT54G was one of the most reliable one out there (first few versions).

Belkin was crap, will never buy again.

Used 2 different buffalo, seems like both of them have 2-3year lifespan before crapping out on you.

I think my next purchase will be an asus. Reliability is still an issue with the netgear and I don't trust dlink. Linksys hasn't produced a decent reliable router as of late either.

YellowApple YellowApple said:

Linksys WRT54G all the way. I've got a stack of two of them driving my apartment's LAN, along with a D-Link switch, plus I have 3 more (and a WRT54G-like cable modem; don't remember the exact model number) ready to be swapped in should something fail or I decide to perform firmware upgrades en masse. They're cheap, reliable, and totally customizable thanks to OpenWRT.

dikbozo said:

My WRT54G v2.0 finally let the Magic Smoke float free this past October after 11 years of continuous and with the exception of a moving period of 3 days back in 2009, daily operation. I ran dd-wrt initially until I finally tried Tomato wherein there was no further need to fiddle with firmware for it. I had at one point 3+ years of uptime. I miss it, especially the local site survey snoop feature, as I could use the router to count the local networks,(the max I recall was 35).

I have moved on to a Netgear WGR614v10 due to it appealing to the financial miser in me, $13 vs $75 for another WRT54G. I found it did the job well enough that I went back and bought a second. No problems once it was updated to the latest firmware.

I have a local net with a 24/7/365 file and back up server my main desktop, net enabled media player, 2 laptops and when the teen drops over an XBOX 360 all run through an ASUS 8 port Gbit switch. Both the above routers have served well for these machines. No security issues.

complexxL9 complexxL9 said:

Using tp-link with dd-wrt, mainly because it's super cheap and super functional with the dd-wrt

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