Before last year, no In Win cases really caught our attention. That changed when we spotted the open-air X-Frame midway through 2012. Although the X-Frame was fairly featureless and extremely expensive, its unusual construction proved interesting enough to win over many enthusiasts. Following the X-Frame's success, In Win introduced the H-Frame -- a similarly unique and equally pricey chassis with a feature list that includes eleven diamond-cut aluminum plates.

Although we didn't review those products, they certainly piqued our interest enough that we had to lay hands on the D-Frame, In Win's latest open-air chassis and its finest creation yet in our opinion. Unveiled at CES 2013, the D-Frame will only be available in a limited quantity of 1,000 units -- half of them painted red and half orange.

in win d-frame review

Accompanying its unusual looks, the D-Frame's aluminum pipe and tempered glass construction offers a unique user experience in that the case must be assembled before housing components. Building the enclosure is a little time consuming and the instructions are difficult to follow at times, but the process is simple enough that most folks should manage with a little patience. Besides, we figure if you're spending $400 on a computer case, you probably don't mind getting a bit more hands-on.

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