HTC One Mini Review: Downsizing the best Android phone

By on October 2, 2013, 1:29 AM

On paper, the naming of the HTC One mini makes perfect sense. The mini is a mid-to-high-end aluminum-clad smartphone with a 4.3-inch display, designed for those who want a premium device without the massive size that’s often associated with its bigger and faster brother, as well as other Android 'superphones'.

Of course, there are some tradeoffs that also help bring the price down. Despite the body mostly being formed from aluminum, some plastic has crept into the design. For the more technically minded, HTC has also dropped down the SoC from a Snapdragon 600 to a Snapdragon 400. But will HTC’s tradeoffs have too much of an effect on the overall product, keeping it from being a great 4.3-inch device? Or will the price be just right for what you’re getting out of the box?

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Skidmarksdeluxe Skidmarksdeluxe said:

It's a nice phone. I may consider a high end phone like this or the One if it didn't become obsolete after 10 minutes, the again fancy cameras, exotic materials etc. really have no appeal to me so I'll just stick with mid range stuff. They do everything I want from a phone and the price is more palatable.

Guest said:

Best one that doesn't seem to sell well. Poor HTC.

MilwaukeeMike said:

The HTC One mini has a software suite that?s identical to the HTC One. This means you?ll see Android 4.2.2 loaded out of the box, along with HTC Sense 5.0 and any carrier-specific applications.

Not that it really matters, but only the Verizon HTC One has 4.2.2. Other US carriers are running 4.1 and will upgrade to 4.3 in the next week or two.

the photos are high enough quality for sharing on social media, but there isn?t a lot of room for cropping or digital zooming.

Completely true... the photos look great until you zoom in. You also can't really use the optical zoom when taking pictures or the pics look fuzzy. It's a bummer, but the upside is that you basically never have to use the flash in any amount of light that you could read in, so any pictures taken indoors have a natural light appearance without the washed out look a flash gives you.

I question the performance difference. Side by side comparisons may show the mini to be a slower phone than the full size, but taken by itself is the performance of the mini ok? A lower resolution screen means fewer pixels to render during many tasks, and a slight hesitation in opening apps isn't something a user will notice if they only they're using the mini.

JC713 JC713 said:

Like the review said, I feel like the regular One is a better value.

Guest said:

4.7 maxi

3.7 mini

This is what I want!

Nobina Nobina said:

It's more like a weaker version of the phone, not smaller.

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