Intel Skylake processors will be about 18 months old when they are replaced early next year with 'Kaby Lake' parts. AMD is also expected to finally unleash their Zen CPU, and with that we expect many of you will be looking into these new platforms for possible upgrades.

Although memory prices remain competitive (read: cheap), there's been a slight surge in pricing during the past few months. For the most part DDR4 memory is now cheaper than older DDR3, with 8GB DDR3-2400 kits starting at just $60 -- less than many of you would spend on a lump of aluminum for your CPU -- you probably won't think twice about spending $110 to secure a 16GB kit. Faster 3000MHz DDR4 memory starts at ~$55 for 8GB and $95 if you want 16GB.

But regardless if you opt for Kaby Lake or Zen, or go for last season's range of processors, you'll likely be asking yourself: "Should I get 8GB or 16GB of RAM?"

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