I am pleased to report that in Dying Light: The Following, you can still dropkick a zombie off a cliff and into the sea. You also get to drive a car.

I liked last year’s Dying Light, so I was predisposed to like The Following. And I do like The Following; I like it even more than I was expecting to. It’s just what an expansion should be: more of the game I already liked, with a number of refinements and small, interesting tweaks. In one respect it’s altogether different: You have an automobile now, and an enormous new explorable area that requires the use of it.

In The Following, you’re still playing as Dying Light protagonist Kyle Crane, a dull slice of clench-cake who might as well be any other boring action game protagonist from the last 10 years. Following the events of Dying Light, Crane has been sent by his friends in the zombie-overrun city of Harran to the nearby countryside to investigate rumors of a zombie cure. He arrives and quickly falls in with a cult-like religious group that seems to have a way to keep themselves from being infected.

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