The next few weeks are going to be an exciting time for virtual reality, with Oculus VR set to begin shipping the consumer version of its Rift headset and HTC following shortly with the Vive. There’s a great deal of excitement and scepticism surrounding VR, and while it’s still too early to tell how successful they’ll be I’m definitely among the VR hopeful. It may take a few years for the hardware to get better and prices to come down before VR has a shot at reaching a mainstream audience. But interest on the development side is real and that’s already a good sign -- many amazing VR ‘experiences’ are being created and they are a far cry from the VR of decades past.

If you’re among those who’ve preordered a VR headset or are still on the fence, you may be wondering what are you going to play with it?

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most interesting and anticipated VR titles arriving soon. Keep in mind that many existing games are getting VR support so there won't be any content shortage, though for this list we've kept it (mostly) to made-for-VR games.

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