HP has been one of the most prolific PC companies throughout the Windows era, sitting at the top of most market share charts for the past ten years. But despite this dominance, HP hasn’t been known for its beautiful laptop designs, instead relying mostly on functionality and performance to sell its products in large numbers. The HP Spectre deviates away from this philosophy, and it might just be the best laptop the company has ever created.

The Spectre is a thing of beauty. At 10.4mm, it’s the world's thinnest laptop, edging out Apple's 12-inch MacBook by a few millimeters. It’s also very light for a 13-inch device, at just 2.45lbs (1.1 kg), making it a perfect companion for the businessman on the go. And the design itself is truly unlike any Windows laptop I’ve seen before, thanks to a breathtaking hinge and use of premium materials.

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