Battery Life

Inside the HP Spectre is a 38 Wh battery, which is slightly smaller than the 12-inch MacBook's 41.4 Wh cell, and smaller than the Galaxy TabPro S' 39.5 Wh cell as well. Considering the Spectre is also a more powerful device, I wasn't expecting outlandish battery life heading into this review.

As expected, one of the main issues with the HP Spectre is battery life, which isn't able to match other laptops on the market. The difference in battery life can be quite significant at times, due to the low battery capacity. Video playback results in particular are disappointing, as this is not a processor-heavy workload, unlike the browser test.

This is probably the only area of the Spectre that has been compromised due to weight and thickness constraints. I don't think the battery life is horrible - I used it as my daily laptop for a few days and I wasn't overly concerned about running out of juice - but it simply doesn't last as long as the Dell XPS 13. Buyers will have to weigh up whether reduced battery life is worth it for a slimmer and more portable body.