Vizio XVT423SV

  • Vizio XVT423SV
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  • Supports Bluetooth remote and other peripherals.
  • Treats streaming video apps as a separate input.
  • Inky, deep blacks.


  • Surround sound lacks depth.
  • Remote control is a bit too big and thick.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Macworld on 80

Vizio has built a reputation for manufacturing flat-screen TVs that deliver great value for the money, and their XVT3SV series does not disappoint. These TVs routinely come close to the top-rated models in our Top HDTVs charts for image quality and...

By Home Theater Review on 90

The Vizio XVT473SV is definitely one of the best deals in town for a higher-performing LCD that uses a full-array LED backlight system with local dimming. This TV reveals both the advantages and disadvantages of that technology--i.e. great overall...

By Big Picture Big Sound on 88

VIZIO has come a long way and the proof lies in the XVT473SV. You could easily see a display manufacturer cramming this much technology into a display - internet apps, integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, a keyboard-equipped remote - and then failing to...

By PC Mag on

Looking to get into HD viewing without breaking the bank upfront or in energy costs? It seems that LED is the way to go and Vizio is on top of it with its XVT line of LED back lit LCD flat panel TVs. The XVT423SV ($1,279.99 direct) measures in at 42...

By Home Theater on

The Vizios black-level performance falls just short of what the bestand more expensivelocal-dimming sets have achieved. But the Vizios black level and shadow detail are nevertheless so good that I cant imagine any...

By TechReviewSource on 70

The Vizio XVT423SV 42-inch LCD offers 1080p high-definition resolution, a 240Hz refresh rate, 5 millisecond response time, built-in Wi-Fi, and many connectivity options. Good picture quality gives this TV a leg up against the competition, but...

By PCWorld on 80

Though the Vizio XVT423SV isn't the best HDTV we've seen, it's consistently above average....

By HDTV Solutions on 80

VIZIO has stuffed a bundle of compelling features into the 32" LED edge-lit XVT323SV. With top notch picture quality, this 1080p HDTV would be ideal in the bedroom or a home...

By on 80

Video Review: With a 10 million:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 240 Hz smooth motion and built in wireless, the Vizio 55" TrueLED HDTV offers a solid television viewing experience. Chris Hardwick and Kevin Pereira review this TV and its slide-out keyboard...

By cnet on 83

The Vizio XVT3SV series' excellent picture quality, thoughtful design, scads of features, and reasonable price combine to make the best value among high-end LED-based LCD TVs...

By AVguide on

Some TV makers have stopped offering LED-backlit LCD HDTVs with local dimming in order to focus on edgelit versions instead, but the value-minded brand Vizio continues its support of this important, performance-oriented product category with three...