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Benchmarks: AS SSD Benchmark

The AS SSD Benchmark is used to confirm the accurracy of the CrystalDiskMark results. Again we see that when measuring sequential read performance Intel comes out on top with their X25-M SSD.

The sequential write results tell a very different story. Although the new Vertex 2 is still slower than the original Vertex drive, the Intel X25-M is seen crashing and burning, as it is slower than the Samsung hard drive.

The Intel X25-M again does well when measuring 4K threaded performance, delivering by far our best result. However the Vertex 2 is the best performing SandForce SSD in this test delivering 89% more performance than the original Vertex.

The 4K-64 Thread performance of the SandForce SSDs is simply amazing, with the Vertex 2 delivering over 8x more performance than the original Vertex. The Vertex 2 was slightly slower than the Vertex LE and Vertex Pro drives here, though only by a small margin.

The read access time of the Vertex 2 is the slowest of the SSDs we tested, while the Vertex 2 Pro and Intel X25-M are by far the best. Interestingly, the Vertex 2 is 51% slower than the original Vertex SSD in this test.

Although the Vertex 2 did poorly in the read access times, it does much better when measuring the write access time.