Benchmarks: HD Tune Pro

The HD Tune Pro random read performance suggests that the Vertex 2 is a fair bit slower than the Vertex LE and Vertex 2 Pro SSDs. The Vertex 2 was only a fraction faster than the original Vertex SSD when working with 4KB and 64KB files, while it was slower in the 512bytes test.

The Vertex 2 pulled away from the original Vertex in the 1MB and random file size tests. Overall the Vertex 2 performance is very strong, just not as strong as the Vertex LE.

Now for the HD Tune Pro random write performance. The margins are fairly similar to those seen when measuring the read performance, particularly between the Vertex, Vertex 2 and Vertex LE drives. In this comparison the Vertex 2 seems to sit between the original Vertex and the Vertex LE in most of the tests. Again the performance is very good, despite being slower than the Vertex LE and considerably slower than the Vertex 2 Pro.