Black & White Tweak guide


Load Black & White, select the Options button from the games Main Menu. This will bring you to the Sound Options section beneath.

SFX Volume. Use this slider bar to adjust the volume level for sound effects in the game. Move this slider to the Right to increase the sound effects volume level & vice versa.

Music Volume. Use the slider bar here to set the volume level for Music in the game. Move this slider to the Right to increase the Music volume level & vice versa. Moving this slider to the far Left will effectively mute in-game music.

Video Options. This option allows you to select pre-defined selections for your graphics settings. As before, Id recommend you ignore this setting altogether & use a Custom setup as described earlier.

Autosave. Tick this setting to enable Black & White to save your game progress at regular intervals, or whenever exiting the game. Untick this setting if you wish to manually save the game in the Temple.

You can further improve your audio quality in Black & White by taking a look at the Soundcard/Speaker Tweak guide to setup your Soundcard/Speakers properly.


Currently I have been unable to logon to play the game online, although I will update this section accordingly with the relevant information once I do. This should happen fairly shortly I hope.

Should you have problems with Black & White online, e.g. Never being able to connect with an AOL Internet connection, then you will need to force Black & White into believing a connection to the Internet is available. Right click on your Black & White shortcut, select the Shortcut tab & in the Target field add the following command /FORCEINETCONN, e.g. Your game shortcut may now appear as follows; D:\Black & White\runblack.exe /FORCEINETCONN. Click Apply then Ok for the changes to take effect.

You should also take a look at the Modem tweaking guides for Windows 9x, Windows Millennium Edition & Windows 2000 (as appropriate) for how to optimize your Internet connection & reduce ping times further in online Black & White games. If you play on a LAN then check out the LAN Tweaking guide.


Your Black & White gaming experience should now be greatly improved with better visuals, audio & hopefully minimal performance loss & perhaps even improved network/internet performance. This guide may be updated when new patches become available. Email me if you have any Questions/Comments/Suggestions about this guide.


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