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3D Spotlight : Tweaking : CD/DVD tweak guide

CD/DVD tweak guide
Last Updated on October 21, 2000 by Thomas McGuire
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DVD tweaking

For those out there with DVD drives that play DVD movies (no laughing) I suggest downloading DVD Genie. This will allow you to select some advanced options in software DVD players such as WinDVD or Cinemaster as well as change the regional settings on the players (for those with region unlocked drivers). The version used in this guide is 3.29.

I use Software Cinemaster99 as my DVD player (as it’s the best, in my opinion). As you can see this allows for far more customisation than is allowed via the Control Panel options. Select your own DVD player & choose which options to use as you see fit. The settings pictured below give me the best quality image/sound for my machine.

Although the settings below are based on the Cinemaster player they can be applied to the other players if selectable.

Explanation of settings, as from the PC-DVD informational text.

Select Region – Select the region of your chosen DVD.

Decode setting – If you have any of the cards mentioned in the drop down menu, choose that, otherwise choose Full quality (CPU). If you have a Pentium 3 you can select Katami enhanced full quality (CPU).

Sample rate – Choose the playback frequency. 48,000Hz being the best quality. Use this if you have a good soundcard & fast CPU. Select 44100Hz if you have an older soundcard, such as an AWE64. Only choose 22050Hz if you’re desperate for a performance increase, albeit with a loss of sound quality.

Deinterlacing – Choose Force weave for best quality, if unsure select Smart detect.

Enable hardware optimisation – Only untick this for trouble shooting purposes only.

Enable 3:2 pulldown reconstruction – Tick this for smoother playback.

Apply settings retroactively – Tick this to apply settings to previous versions of the Cinemaster engine.

Apply only region setting – Only Tick this if you only want to change the region setting.

Reset – Tick this option. It resets Cinemaster's region change counter to 5 each time you apply new settings. (In case you use the official QI's control panel to change regional settings).

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